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Sound Idea Digital is one of the top video production companies in South Africa

With more than 29 years of experience, Corporate Video Production comes naturally to us. We are one of the top video production companies in Johannesburg with additional offices in Pretoria and Cape Town

Our team has worked on countless projects and travelled all over Africa as well as Europe. We take pride in what we do and prefer a hands-on approach, even if that means we need to get down and dirty. We specialise in a variety of video production content options:

Sound Idea Digital creates Marketing Videos to advertise and market to your clientele. Your products/services are presented in a manner that captures attention and achieves the goals set out for the project.

Health and safety videos communicate potential workplace hazards to staff or visitors. To orientate workers who make use of the facility, or anyone who enters the premises, a health and safety video is a must have.

Ideal for training or teaching workers on new and old methods or machinery, services and sales procedures, or any other type of training. Training videos last a long time and can be shown year upon year.

Sound Idea Digital produces Corporate videos which will inform clientele about your company. Our productions are informative and aesthetically pleasing. Corporate videos can be used by sales, PR and marketing departments as an effective promotional tool.

Explainer videos make use of various animation effects, most notably whiteboard animation, to explain a new concept or idea. Through the use of colourful and engaging visuals, the viewer can get a brief and digestible overview of the information presented.

The use of aerial video has skyrocketed since remote-control drones have become so easily accessible. Aerial video works well where an overview of a factory or natural environment provides a better understanding of the environment.

Induction videos, like training videos, are developed to train staff on how to go about the workplace. Induction videos differ in that it is specifically made for new staff or employees.

Launch videos are used as information and multimedia tools in the launch events of new products, company events, PR and marketing related functions.

Sound Idea Digital’s web videos are scripted, filmed and edited specifically for use on the internet. We consider the variables of online video across various platforms and devices.

Our Location

Though we are situated in Gauteng, we have filmed in various
locations in the continent including Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana,
Lesotho, Rwanda, Nigeria and many others. We also frequently film
on locations in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East London.

Our Team

Our expert team strive to make our clients’ lives better by handling
everything from the beginning stages of storyboarding, scripting
and filming to the end where directing, adding motion graphics
and animation where needed, as well as editing, takes place. We
have experience in filming in a wide variety of environments,
including Office buildings, Factories, Mines, Laboratories, Farms and
Nature. It is thanks to our dynamic team that we are a top video
production company in Johannesburg.

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Sound Idea Digital is a Content Production and Systems Development Agency based in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa. Sound Idea was started by Francois Karstel and has been in business for over 29 years. Our team has travelled Africa, the UK and Europe extensively. Our foreign clients enjoy highly competitive rates due to the fluctuating exchange rates.

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