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As a documentary video production team, we were privileged to work on a project that aimed to address one of Africa’s most significant health challenges – Tuberculosis in Malawi. The partnership between AUDA-NEPAD, the World Bank, and the East, Central, and Southern Africa Health Community aimed to establish the Southern Africa Tuberculosis and Health Systems Support Project (SATBHSS)- an organisation that helps stem the spread of tuberculosis.

The need to address Tuberculosis is a significant public health concern in Malawi. The country has one of the highest incidences of tuberculosis in Africa, and the disease is a leading cause of death. Our team travelled across Malawi to document the impact of tuberculosis on the local population and to highlight the efforts being made to curb its spread.

As a result of our travels, we found that TB patients often experience stigma, discrimination, and isolation. We interviewed patients, healthcare professionals, and community leaders to understand their experiences and perspectives. Through these interviews, we aimed to create a compelling narrative that raises awareness of the disease and the challenges that need to be overcome to tackle it.

To create a clear and concise message, we worked with AUDA-NEPAD and the World Bank to develop an engaging script. We wanted to create a video that not only informs and raises awareness but also motivates viewers to take action. Another important part of the video’s message was to highlight the progress of the project for all stakeholders involved, including the budget spending and project milestone progress. Our script was designed around the personal stories of TB patients and government officials and their experiences, highlighting the various support systems put in place to help them track and overcome the disease.

We used motion graphics to highlight statistics and important data that emphasise the severity of the disease. We also used an in-house voice artist who delivered a professional and engaging narration that captured the essence of our message. The combination of powerful visuals, moving narratives, and data-driven motion graphics helped create a compelling video that educates and motivates viewers.

Through the production of this documentary-style video, we were able to bring attention to an issue that affects millions of people in Africa. Our goal was to tell a story that would inspire viewers to take action and create change. By working with AUDA-NEPAD and the World Bank, we were able to create a video that raises awareness about the challenges of TB and how everyone can play a role in ending the spread of the disease. With the collective efforts of individuals and organisations, we can make significant progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and promoting the development of Africa.

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