Video Content Production

The popularity of video is constantly growing and continues to be the best way to deliver a message.

Communication Through Video

Catering to the ever decreasing attention span of people, video offers one of the best ways to reach most audiences. The technology of video production has moved forward in leaps and bound in the last few years. Gone are the days of grainy, low quality VHS and with it, the extreme costs that used to be associated with video production. These days, so much more can be created for less.

Skilled Video Production

This being said, high end or high quality video production requires skill and experience, which are not always as readily available as the equipment required. Low budget video may seem appealing with the abundance of technology available, but will still look less professional the majority of the time.

High-quality video production includes several disciplines, including planning, script writing, filming and editing to name a few. With high-end video production attention is given to light, audio, camera movement, colour grading and directing.

Filming Styles

High end video production can be filmed in several different styles, including: Documentary, Drama and Point of view.

Video Techniques

Some videos even require motion graphics and animation for the message it wants to portray. Other techniques associated with video production include: Timelapses, Hyperlapses and High-point views.

Video Storylines

Video has a combination of two storylines, namely its visuals and its voice over. Either or both can be the most prominent feature of a video, depending on the video’s message. Though it is difficult to create video for abstract concepts, video is still ideal for: marketing and sales, training, education, induction, raising awareness and presenting complex or novel topics.

Video Production Budget

Opting for a low budget video may seem like a great way to stretch your money. Before making the all-important decision of choosing a high or low budget consider how long it will be used as well as who it will be shown to. How production value can be increased depends on three components: the talent, the crew and equipment used and the time per scene.

The Production Process

Kick-off meeting

Before anything could happen, a kick-off meeting is held. The purpose of a kick-off meeting is to establish where filming will happen, who the video is for and what the message to be conveyed is. Once this is done, a rough corresponding shot list is made.


We make a call sheet. The call sheet indicates where the production crew will be, at which time of the day and what props will be needed for the shoot. It includes a list of all the people involved and their contact details.

Location scouting is done. This is an important pre-production task that involves the video director searching for a suitable location. Permission for shooting at certain places must be obtained and factors such as lighting at that particular area must be taken into consideration so provision is made when filming.

Script Writing

The ideal format to use is the Two-column format; this is an informative and flexible format that gives the production crew details of what is happening. They can add their own information (for example, details on what kind of shot needs to be taken). The right-hand column consists of the words to be spoken and the left-hand column consists of the shot description.


Filming takes place. Several factors determine the size of the production crew, the time spent on filming and the kind of equipment that will be used. Once filming is done, the footage is reviewed and that may affect minor changes. In some instances, certain things may happen when filming that were not accounted for in the script, these will need to be added in the script.


Before the voice over is recorded, the script must be reviewed by the client and signed off. This prevents any last minute changes that can incur additional costs.

First Draft

The video is edited and motion graphics are designed. The client views the first draft and all the possible changes are discussed and implemented.

Final Stage

In this last phase, the editing and sound track are refined and the video is colour graded. The final product is published according to the clients’ requirements; this can be as an HD file or on YouTube.

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