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Our team is well experienced in eLearning Content Development. We make use of instructional design to ensure that the learning content is aligned with learning objectives, learning activities and the various learning styles/personalities. We make use of both the SAM and ADDIE learning models to ensure that we are able to develop a wide variety of content covering multiple topics. We are also proficient in working alongside subject matter experts, allowing us to produce effective learning content.

Learning Content Options

Training Videos

Video content is great for explaining various topics while providing thorough and effective learning information to viewers.

Voice-Over Courses

Voice-over content is very effective when used in conjunction with other mediums to bolster knowledge provided, but could also be used as explanatory podcasts.

Interactive E-Books

Interactive e-books are a great way to explain concepts to learners while keeping them engaged with the text based content provided.


Quizzes are effective when used with other learning mediums because it aims to test knowledge retention and pushes learners to be more attentive.

Image / Slide based content

Image and slide based content works well to visualise certain actions, methods or systems. This type of content is especially effective when used with e-books and voice-over content.


Gamification offers effective learning through friendly competitiveness, leaderboards, achievements, badges and result tracking.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality offers full immersive learning, this allows us to train learners on systems and/or actions that may be less accessible or pose danger to health and safety.


Animation is well regarded for it's ability to explain difficult subjects in a way that is easy and digestible.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality training can be used to augment real world situations, systems and methods to provide deeper and interactive practical learning.

SCORM Compliant

The content developed by our team follows the standardised
structure provided by the ‘Shareable Content Object
Reference Model’or SCORM. This ensures that the learning
content developed will be compatible with most
learning management systems.

Who is it for?

eLearning has found widespread use in a number of fields
including academic, corporate, industrial and commercial
institutions or companies. It allows for effective training,
learning and skills development and far surpasses the
capabilities of traditional training and learning.

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Sound Idea Digital is a Content Production and Systems Development Agency based in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa. Sound Idea was started by Francois Karstel and has been in business for over 29 years. Our team has travelled Africa, the UK and Europe extensively. Our foreign clients enjoy highly competitive rates due to the fluctuating exchange rates.

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