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Video Production Brand Considerations

Branding is an essential consideration, as it helps viewers identify your video production content. Consistent branding also keeps your content looking professional. Branding however is about a lot more than just consistent visuals, it is an embodiment of your organisation. It is a representation of your company vision and mission, your history and achievements. It is an opportunity to be true to your company identity.

Let’s highlight essential brand considerations using the video production process, starting with:

Video Production Planning

Put yourself in the viewer’s point of view, approach each potential scene with a fresh pair of eyes. Every new scene should have clear and consistent branding. Which at times may comprise mainly of motion graphics if the footage is difficult to brand otherwise. For industrial settings where the sites can be logistically difficult consider parking some branded vehicles in the background or using existing branding in a creative manner. .

Video Production Script Writing

Good script writing is about strong storytelling, this is what gives your narration life. Consider including a short story about your organisation, featuring your history and achievements. Bring your employees to the spotlight and tell their stories. Every business is human, which can often be lost if a company’s branding is too corporate focused. 

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Prepare your team by ensuring they have clean and up to date uniforms and PPE. For each shot work closely with the videographers to ensure your branding is consistently represented. Keep in mind that filming is often the most costly element of the video production, you want to ensure it runs smoothly from scene to scene. 


During the editing phase make sure to provide timely feedback during each draft of the video. Typically all the design assets and motion graphics are developed in advance to ensure there are no delays during editing. These assets will play a big role in the visual branding of your video content; make sure it compliments the rest of the video content.

Video Production Mastery

During the final review of the video production make sure to ask yourself the following question: “Do I know who’s video this is and what they represent?” If the answer is ever unclear, you may want to make some final branding changes to the video.

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Video Production Music Selection

Music plays a crucial role in setting the tone and mood of your video. When selecting background scores, ensure the music aligns with your brand’s identity and the message you wish to convey. Whether you opt for a lively upbeat tune or a calming melody, it should resonate with your brand’s persona. Using a consistent sound or jingle can also be an effective branding method to make your videos more recognisable.

Branding Elements and Props

Integrating tangible branding elements such as props, printed banners, or branded merchandise can be an effective way to emphasise your brand subtly. Whether it’s a coffee mug with your logo or a backdrop banner at an interview scene, these elements can add a touch of professionalism and branding without overwhelming the viewer.

Colour Grading and Visual Style

Colour grading isn’t just about making your video look good; it’s about ensuring that the visuals align with your brand’s colour palette and style. A consistent visual style, from the colours to the lighting, can make your content instantly identifiable as yours. It’s essential to communicate with your colourist or editor about your brand guidelines to make sure the final video resonates with your brand’s aesthetic.

Feedback and Iteration

Post-production is a two-way street. While your video production team brings expertise, your insights into your brand are invaluable. Always maintain open communication, offer constructive feedback, and be open to iterations. Remember, the goal is to produce a video that aligns perfectly with your brand’s image.

Distribution and Thumbnail Branding

Once your video is ready for the audience, consider where and how you will distribute it. Whether it’s social media, your website, or a television broadcast, ensure your branding is clear and consistent. Video thumbnails, for example, are often the first thing viewers see. Design them to be engaging and consistent with your brand’s aesthetics.

Promotion and Engagement

After releasing your video, monitor audience engagement and feedback. Engage with your viewers by responding to comments or sharing user-generated content that relates to your video. This not only boosts your video’s reach but also strengthens your brand’s relationship with its audience.

Every step in the video production process is an opportunity to strengthen and highlight your brand. From planning to promotion, a consistent brand representation ensures your content stands out and effectively communicates your company’s essence to your audience.

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