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Content Audit for Video Production

A content audit is an invaluable content marketing tool that provides you with a clear scope of available video production content and design assets. We tend to repeat this sentiment, but its applicability is undeniable, always make the most of your available resources. Which starts with identifying what that is exactly, through a comprehensive content audit.

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Highlight your Video Production Goals

Prior to your audit there should be a clear outline on your content goals and needs. This will simplify the categories required. 

Create your Content Production Table

Now create a table with your video production content categories featured. Always include fields for content locations, website urls, and in the case of mixed locations ensure passwords and login details are provided. 

Process your Content Audit

Be meticulous and identify every piece of existing content. Every bit of media has the potential to be repurposed multiple times. By the end of this process you should have a clear content roadmap, this will aid future content production greatly.

Video Production Audit Tips

  • Consider all applications for video production content and add them as fields to your table. For example: “Website”  or “Sales Collateral”.
  • If you’re dealing with many categories we suggest colour coding your fields to assist in identifying them at a distance. 
  • While performing your content audit, consider improving your team’s access to it. This process will improve productivity, particularly if your content is organised in a centralised location.
  • A content audit is a working document which means it should be neat and well kept. That also means you should update it from time to time to keep it relevant. 

Provided you have a comprehensive content strategy in place, your content audit should provide you with a clear roadmap of potential resources. This will make collaborating on new content considerably easier and accessible for your whole team. We recommend finding a collaborative document management tool for storing your content, preferably a cloud based system to ensure it is always accessible. 

Now that you have performed your content audit, you can begin planning your new videos empowered with an organised pool of content with clear listed applications. The value of which becomes more and more apparent the larger your pool of content becomes.

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Challenges of a Content Audit in Video Production

Content auditing in video production is a meticulous process that can unveil complexities at every turn. To successfully navigate this process, we must first pinpoint the challenges and then arm ourselves with effective solutions. Let’s break down some common challenges and their remedies.

Volume and Diversity of Content

The vastness and variety of content in video production can be overwhelming. With different types of assets ranging from raw footage, edited clips, animations to soundtracks, navigating this maze can be daunting.

Solution: By adopting a hierarchical approach, we can create a structured pathway through our content. Categorising assets based on projects, themes, or content types simplifies navigation and makes the process more manageable.

Locating Dispersed Content

Often, video assets are strewn across various storage platforms, from external hard drives to multiple cloud storage solutions. This dispersion can make content retrieval time-consuming.

Solution: Centralising storage can be a game-changer. While maintaining backups is essential, it’s crucial to have a primary, centralised storage hub. This approach ensures that content is readily available from one location, streamlining the audit.

Outdated or Redundant Content

As video production evolves, certain content pieces might become outdated or redundant. Sorting through a vast content pool to identify and remove such content can be challenging.

Solution: A systematic review and purge protocol can keep the content pool fresh and relevant. By periodically assessing the relevance and utility of content, we can maintain an efficient and updated content repository.

Maintaining Quality Consistency

With content being produced by different teams, on various equipment, and under different settings, ensuring uniform quality can be a significant challenge.

Solution: The remedy lies in standardising production protocols. Establishing guidelines that encompass shooting techniques, equipment settings, and post-production processes, and consistently training the team on these standards can ensure uniformity in content quality.

Metadata Management

Metadata, which includes details like creation date, format, and copyright information, is crucial for content retrieval and repurposing. Efficiently managing this data amidst the vast array of video files can be intricate.

Solution: Investing in robust metadata management tools can simplify this challenge. Such tools facilitate efficient tagging, and categorisation, and even automate the process of metadata generation, enhancing content accessibility.

In the ever-evolving realm of video production, content auditing stands as a pillar of organisation and optimisation. While challenges are inherent to the process, understanding and addressing them proactively paves the way for more streamlined operations. Embracing these solutions ensures that video production teams are not just reactive, but also strategically poised to create compelling content, leveraging the full potential of their existing assets. As we look forward, a thorough content audit will undoubtedly remain an indispensable tool in the arsenal of video creators.

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