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Video Production Distribution Suggestions

Video content is typically distributed online, via a link or embedded on a content page. There are however many other ways to distribute video content, including inbound and outbound approaches. Inbound refers to a marketing strategy whereby the viewers fetch the content, as opposed to outbound where the content is directly distributed to them. Some of these decisions can have an impact on your overall content strategy and all the following content production that follows. 

Let’s begin by breaking down the different approaches:

Inbound vs Outbound

As discussed above, inbound is about creating incentives for users to consume your content without the need to send it to them. An important element to inbound is that your content must be optimised, easy to access and navigate. Another critical feature of this approach is your value exchange. Your content needs to be valuable to the user before they are likely to seek it out. We recommend heeding our previous advice by planning your content well, and posting it consistently. This will ensure your potential viewers know where to access your content and when. 

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Inbound Video Production Distribution

  • Break larger video clips up into smaller clips, publish your smaller clips and observe the viewer interactions and potential questions. Use this feedback to make a longer video clip addressing your content opportunities and make it available for download in exchange for the users email. This way you provide the viewers with content that is valuable and familiar, motivating the exchange of information. 
  • Create a content hub. Whether that be a blog, your website or a social media page. If you have all your content in one centralised location it makes it considerably easier to find and optimise. This will also simplify your inbound content distribution as all content is in one location. If you wish to maintain a professional look and feel without the ads and video suggestions then a platform like Vimeo might be preferred over Youtube. 
  • Your video content can be accessed through QR codes for an augmented reality experience. These can be set up on landing pages, social media or as an exchange for the viewer’s email. Your QR codes may also be strategically placed throughout your content to compliment the viewers experience further. 

Outbound Video Production Distribution

  • Create a newsletter with embedded video clips. Smaller clips make your pool of content more manageable, so split them up and enhance your weekly content push. 
  • Break your typical client’s sales cycle up into steps and create video clips addressing potential questions for each step. These video clips can be used as follow ups to nurture leads. We recommend having a minimum of six, however around nine separate follow ups is ideal. This will ensure that you have content available for any potential questions a lead may have, which is a strong and relevant value exchange. Keep in mind, your content ideas should always come from a source of practicality.
  • If you have built up a strong online community you may start adapting your content to be more interactive. One way of leveraging this concept is by creating posts that highlight a video topic for discussion, which you pose as a question with key individuals tagged for their participation. This style of post can garner a lot of interaction, as it leverages multiple networks. It is essential that you monitor your posts carefully and respond timely to keep the conversation going. The more interaction your content receives the longer it maintains its position on the top of the content feed.
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Video Production Distribution Top Tips

Strapped for content ideas? 

Input your main keywords in Google one by one, for each search there will be a section of question results that pop up. Write those questions down, then expand your key phrases and repeat the process. By the end you will have a list of frequently asked questions on your keywords, use these questions as the basis for your content. This process may take some finessing, make sure your questions stay relevant to your subject and industry.

Are your posts looking a little dull or repetitive?

Have some reusable design assets created in advance. This will add flair to your branding, keep your content looking professional, easy to identify and more likely to be clicked on. 

Still finding your feet? 

Try different layouts until you find one that works best. We recommend keeping it fairly simple, as that makes it easier to repurpose for future posts.

When it comes to video production content distribution ideas there are a couple of prerequisites, firstly:

For any outbound content strategy to succeed it needs a database to access. Furthermore, outbound strategies are dependent on strong inbound strategies as this is the best way to build an online community. So start with your inbound marketing strategy and build it up with a consistent publishing schedule. As your community and content grows so too will the opportunities to leverage their enthusiasm for your content and expertise. 

How Can I Cater to Different Viewer Preferences?

Diversify your video content types. Since audience preferences vary, including a mix of explainer videos, tutorials, and storytelling can engage a wider audience. Understand your audience segments and tailor your content accordingly to maintain their interest and engagement.

When Is the Best Time to Release Videos?

Consider the timing of your releases. Align your video publishing schedule with the peak activity times of your audience to maximise views and engagement. Tools that analyse social media engagement can help you pinpoint these times.

How Do I Make My Videos Stand Out?

Use compelling thumbnails and titles. The visual appeal of your thumbnail and the relevance of your title are decisive factors in the viewers’ decision to click on a video. Invest time in creating thumbnails that grab attention and craft titles that spark curiosity while remaining clear and concise.

Can User-Generated Content Be Beneficial?

Incorporate user-generated content. This not only provides you with additional material to share but also actively involves your audience in content creation, fostering a stronger community around your brand.

Why Is Engagement Beyond Video Content Important?

Engage in the comments. Interaction on your videos, especially in the form of comments, can significantly increase the reach of your content. A responsive brand is a relatable one, so engage with your viewers’ comments to boost visibility and create a loyal viewership.

How Do I Use Email to Enhance Video Distribution?

Embed videos in emails. Adding videos to your email marketing can lead to higher engagement rates. Ensure the video is relevant to the email content to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

How Can I Track Video Performance Accurately?

Track with UTM parameters. Understanding where your viewers come from and how they interact with your content is crucial. Using UTM parameters allows for detailed tracking and helps in making informed decisions about your video distribution strategy.

How Do I Maintain Brand Consistency in Videos?

Create a consistent branding experience. Your videos should be immediately identifiable as part of your brand. Consistency in colours, logos, and style helps in building brand recognition and loyalty among your audience.

What Should My Videos Accomplish?

Provide clear CTAs. Guide your viewers on their journey after watching your video. Clear instructions on how to subscribe, learn more, or engage with another piece of content can turn casual viewers into brand advocates.

Implementing these additional strategies into your video production and distribution approach will help in creating a comprehensive and engaging online presence, ultimately leading to increased viewer loyalty and content reach.

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