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Video Content Distribution and Channel Considerations

Every single piece of video content produced should be done according to a comprehensive content strategy. Which includes content distribution and the channels you choose to optimise. Keep in mind that you should be considering your content’s entire lifecycle through each step of production, to ensure every opportunity is taken advantage of and optimised. There are a couple of essential elements to consider when choosing your channels for content distribution, which are:


Content platforms vary in popularity based on different demographics. For example: Posting your business-to-business services on a more informal platform like Facebook will heed less results. Identify who your average viewer is going to be and identify the platforms that may be taken advantage of. Compare this with your content strategy to identify the next important element.

Frequency of Video Content Posting

How regularly will you be posting your content? Keep in mind the more video content you have the more frequently you can publish. Some platforms like Twitter are particularly good at micro-blogging which allow you to post more in a day. The last thing you want is for your content to be perceived as spam, find a platform that matches your strategy.

Level of interactivity

Some channels allow for a large degree of content interaction, which may influence your content decisions. Keep in mind that content interactivity is truly optimised once you have built up a strong online community. So keep your content focused until your community allows for additional content interaction.

Additional Video Content Tips

  • Do your keyword research in advance. All your content should be categorised and optimised for the web, to ensure your content is found organically. We recommend including your keyphrases throughout your headings, descriptions and text. Some platforms have unique search features like #hashtags, do your research to ensure you are using the right ones.
  • Call-to-Actions are absolutely vital, make sure to prepare yours for each platform. Every piece of content consumed by the viewer is a potential lead. 
  • Be quick to respond when receiving any interaction. Social media is a reciprocal process, be ready to ‘mingle’.
  • Set up clear community management guidelines for your team. Your social media management should have a clear governance plan to ensure your brand is represented online as professionally and consistently as possible.
  • Have clear tools for measuring your content performance and monitor key metrics daily. Depending on the length of your content strategy, you should be revisiting your content goals and key metrics on a regular basis to ensure your strategy is on track. 

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