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Video ProductionTips on Procuring a Video Production Agency
video production agency

Tips on Procuring a Video Production Agency

Finding a video production agency can be a daunting task, especially if you are not entirely sure what you are looking for. To aid you during this process we have highlighted some key elements that we consider essential to finding the perfect video production agency.

Highlight Project Objectives

Before you undertake to produce anything you should have clear objectives for your content. The best way to approach this is to consider the outcome first. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What action do I wish to invoke in the viewer?
  • What emotions am I trying to appeal to?
  • Which platforms do I plan on Publishing my content?
  • What available resources do I currently have?

The answers to these questions will also empower your team to interact better with your chosen video production agency. Once you have established your content objectives and your available resources, the next step to determine your budget based on your objectives.

video production agency

Determine your Budget

Every minute of filming, every additional piece of equipment and every person involved costs additional money. This is especially true for video, where every minute of footage must be reviewed and edited frame by frame. The same can be said for voice artists and actors, also depending on the nature of the video content some talent may demand additional royalties which is often not considered in the clients original budget.

To keep your video budget friendly we suggest planning each shot carefully based on a shot list, and using your own team as talent where possible. An experienced video production agency will enable and empower your team with the right equipment and advice needed to make the most out of their efforts.

video production agency

Do your Video Production Agency Research

Depending on the video content you wish to produce there might be unique opportunities or potential obstacles to overcome. Make sure you determine the style of video you are looking for, once you have that established start doing your research. Some video production agencies are very specialised while others provide a broader spectrum of services. Make sure you find an agency that has the capacity to deal with your unique project parameters and objectives. By having clear content objectives and doing proper research you also enable yourself to better judge a potential service providers portfolio.

Create a Video Production Agency Shortlist

Once you have a clear understanding of your content goals and the potential video production agency you are looking for, it is time to make contact and create a shortlist. Make sure to ask potential service providers about their process and equipment. We also recommend finding out in advance about how many drafts you are permitted to provide feedback on your video content.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to approach a new video project. We recommend you put in extra time during the planning of your video content to make sure you have clear objectives that match your budget. There are so many opportunities to leverage video content, make sure you make the most out of them.

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