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Video ProductionSHEQ Video: Visitor, Employee and Contractor Comparison
SHEQ video

SHEQ Video: Visitor, Employee and Contractor Comparison

Health and safety induction training plays an essential role, specifically in hazardous ridden work places. To reduce risk and optimise training uptake it is essential to create SHEQ videos. One of the best ways of achieving this is by splitting your induction training into multiple videos catered for different groups of stakeholders, for example: Employee, Visitors and Contractors Induction.

SHEQ video

Visitors Induction Training

Visitors Induction is typically kept as short as possible, especially considering visitors will usually have a site safety representative that escorts them on their visits. In this SHEQ video type we cover all the basic site navigation, site rules, PPE and site access. Emergency procedures, alcohol and drug testing are usually also covered.

Contractors Induction Training

Contractors induction would cover the same points as visitors induction but would go into more detail surrounding specific processes. For example: Working at heights, confined spaces and chemical control. These SHEQ videos also tend to cover PPE on a more comprehensive level as contractors typically have a specialised role within the site. 

Employee Induction SHEQ Video

Employee induction training is by far the most specialised and comprehensive. These videos tend to be more time consuming as they play a critical role in ensuring the staff reduce the risks to each other, the environment and the organisation. Every little detail, process and procedure needs to covered in detail, especially on sites with high-risk hazards such as chemicals, heights, extreme temperatures, pressurised areas and moving machinery.

SHEQ video

When it comes to training videos, and especially with induction training, every step matters. Optimising your training videos ensures that every individual that operates on your site is always well-equipped and trained to adhere to every situation and hazard accordingly. Ensuring the health and safety of each other, the organisation and the environment.

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