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Experience Matters in Safety Video Production

Health and Safety induction training can be delivered in many manners, however the most efficient method stays video because no other medium offers as comprehensive and concise training as a safety video does. Whether the topic is general procedure for site visitors, specialised training for contractors or emergency evacuation procedure for a corporate building, video as a medium is by far the most versatile. Understanding video production is essential to produce a decent safety video, however that only scratches the surface when it comes to this style of video production.

safety video

Heights and Confined Spaces

SHEQ training videos cover every process and procedure in complicated workspaces which pose a potential hazard to the people and places they operate in. One minute we are filming an employee climbing a structure, another we are under a conveyor belt. Every site and industry poses new challenges and potential filming obstacles which makes working with an experienced team essential. Understanding how to film in complicated spaces, without interrupting production across multiple industries comes from years of experience. 

The Right Tools for your Safety Video

Every induction video has it challenges, with each site presenting its own rules and hazards. To make sure you get the most out of each shoot day, it is essential to bring the right equipment for every shot. This can get even more complicated if there is travelling involved as you can’t take all your equipment with you. For example: Operating your camera while wearing thick gloves, or keeping your lens fog free while underground, these are all challenges that are overcome with experience. 

Safety Video PPE

A health and safety video shoot needs to be planned perfectly to ensure no opportunity for filming is wasted. That means understanding the risks and hazards in every scenario and the correct protective response to them, which means the camera crew must understand them too to ensure every shot is usable. For example: Imagine the video has been filmed over multiple days, a first draft has been edited and now its time to present it to top management. Upon screening of your first draft you realise half the shots the staff are wearing incorrect PPE. Time to plan a whole new shoot day…

safety video

An effective health and safety induction training video is comprehensive, accurate and concise. To ensure you get the very best video for your budget, make sure you find a video company with extensive experience, especially in your industry which comes with its own unique challenges. 

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