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health and safety video

We were tasked with the production of a Health and Safety Induction video for Heymans Kole. Heymans Kole is a bulk transportation and coal supply company based in Standerton, Mpumalanga. They were established in the 1950’s and have played a key role in multiple major industries throughout the country. Heymans Kole forms a part of a larger group of companies known as the GCK group, all of which service the South African economy across all major industries through bulk transportation and specialised transportation services.

The Health and Safety video consisted of traditional video combined with motion graphics. The motion graphics complemented the videos messaging and were developed in-house by our team. Some of the sections of the script were difficult to film, but with motion graphics we were able to overcome these challenges, for example:

health and safety video

The video was filmed over 2 days in two separate locations, which was handled by our dynamic team of videographers. Each shoot day was meticulously planned and followed based on a comprehensive shot list which was developed during the writing of the script. This approach kept our videographers organised for each shot opportunity and ensured every shot could be planned and framed optimally.

Each shot of the video was carefully planned to highlight Heymans Kole’s specialised service offerings. From their impressive wash bays to their loading docks. There was also a big emphasis on their truck fleet, which had grown from 8 trucks in 1996 to over 200 present.

The videos narration was done in-house by one of our team members and was recorded in our studio. All the additional audio editing and video editing was also performed in-house by our bespoke team. This allowed us to allocate more of the videos budget towards filming their operations, which pushed the production value of the video. This higher production value also allows for marketing application, as sections of the video could easily be repurposed into smaller clips for website or social media promotion. The same could also be applied for sales collateral, as the video does a great job of highlighting their value-add through each process of operations.

Working with Heymans Kole was an absolute pleasure, they facilitated our videographers through every step of their operations, they also ensured the site, team members and all their trucks were clean and ready for filming.

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