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Live StreamHow to Enhance your Event Live Stream
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How to Enhance your Event Live Stream

Live streaming events is the perfect tool for enhancing the viewing experience for all attendees from physical through to digital. Keep in mind that for every digital attendee, the event experience is completely encapsulated by the live stream. Which means your events success is directly tied to how professionally your live stream is performed.

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Plan your Live Stream in Advance

To make the most out of your live stream, plan your stream and additional media in advance. Create a comprehensive shot list that coincides with your event speakers’ actions and presentations. This will ensure the stream runs smoothly. Any additional media like video clips, animations and infographics should be prepared and planned as part of your shotlist. This is especially important when dealing with multiple streams as each stream has a different timing and purpose.

Set up Multiple Live Streams

With most events you have two types of attendees, physical and digital. Sharing the same stream to both is a missed opportunity. Physical attendees are already exposed to more of the live event, which means it should complement their experience in a manner that keeps it engaging. For example: different camera angles for each speaker. Whereas the digital attendee requires considerably more content to provide proper context. Each stream should compliment the right audience, especially if you plan to monetise your streams this will increase your events overall production value.

Add Complementary Media

As mentioned above, additional complementary media plays a massive role in the live stream for all types of attendees. Short animations, video clips or infographics are the perfect addition to aid the speakers in their presentations. Additional media also plays a big role in occupying open spaces during the event, such as downtime between speakers, breaks and transitions. All this media keeps the content flowing and maintains a professional look and feel for the whole event. Additional media can also play a vital administrative role in the event by providing essential information for attendees, such as directions to bathrooms, event plans and schedules.

Multiple Camera Angles

Having multiple angles set up adds massively to the production value of the live stream. It also helps to keep the attendees engaged, and can even play an essential role in some presentations by highlighting the speakers’ actions. It is important to note that each additional camera angle requires considerably more planning, which is complicated further by additional streams.

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We recommend working with an experienced live stream supplier to ensure your event goes smoothly. Live streaming an event cannot fail as everything happens live, there are no second chances which means one mistake and the entire event stream is a flop. On the other hand, a well planned stream can enhance your event for all attendees by keeping users engaged, speakers complimented and the overall production value as professional as possible.

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