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Live Stream9 Benefits of Live Streaming
live streaming

9 Benefits of Live Streaming

Professional live streaming has grown tremendously over the last few years, and has been a saving grace for certain industries focused around events. Social distancing has made it very difficult to attend events, but with live streaming not only are the events accessible, but they can be enhanced and easily monetized.

Live Streaming is Mobile friendly

Live streaming has the inherent benefit of working on any device, which makes it perfectly suited for the fast-paced world we live in.

live streaming

Quality Content

The technology has grown in leaps and bounds, to the point where a stream can be broadcast in the highest quality available. Streams can also scale based on your internet connection, allowing viewers with spotty internet to consume the content.


A stream can be enhanced with additional content and media which enhances the viewing experience for the users, which in turn also keeps them more engaged. This can also be used to compliment the event you are streaming as it can be displayed during the event and used to compliment the presenters.


The analytics can viewed live and accessed at anytime. This can give you valuable insights on a minute to minute basis. This level of live analytics allows users to optimise their content to further improve future streams.

Live Streaming Can be Monetized

Streams can easily be monetized, which creates an opportunity for users to leverage their events. As mentioned the stream can also be enhanced with additional content and media to further improve the paid viewers experience.


Live streams can be streamed locally or on public channels which essentially allows access to your events to a much larger global audience. Additionally live streaming provides opportunity for viewers who need to maintain social distancing.


The stream may be live but it can also be accessed at anytime and the user has full control over the sections they wish to view. The stream can also be manipulated through the media player regardless of the device being viewed. Streams can also be archived for ease of access.

Live Streaming is Focused

As mentioned before, the stream can be enhanced with additional content and media. This includes using multiple cameras and multiple angles to keep the event and viewers focused.

live streaming

Enhanced Privacy

Stream access can be controlled through various platforms, which is ideal for monetized or private content. This can be delivered in tiers or levels for a more customised viewer experience, which allows you to add additional value for higher paying viewers.

It should be pointed out that costs can vary depending on the event, venue, equipment requirements and other additional elements like setting up and hosting. It is recommended to use a professional company for your live streaming as there is very little margin for error, all it takes is for a single misunderstanding or mistake and the whole stream is abandoned.

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