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Video ProductionTips for an Engaging Health and Safety Induction Video
health and safety induction video

Tips for an Engaging Health and Safety Induction Video

From an operational point of view, health and safety induction video is as compulsory as any other operational formality, but there are opportunities to maximize your induction training to further benefit the company.

Health and Safety training content can be captivating and engaging, and when executed properly will increase the viewers retention of the training. Your SHEQ training is also a marketing opportunity, which can be leveraged in a manner that increases your video content’s efficiency.

health and safety induction video

To ensure you produce a health and safety video that is captivating and concise, we have prepared you a list of helpful production tips:

Complementary Content

Animation is perfect to highlight and emphasize content to aid the viewers understanding and retention of the information. For topics like machinery or tools, consider using 3D animation to achieve more detail.

Keep your Health and Safety Induction Video Short and Punchy

Video tempo plays a big role in maintaining the viewers attention, keep your editing concise and comprehensive. Music also plays a big role in video tempo, so choose an appropriate soundtrack. Include ambient noise in your edit to increase your video’s authenticity making it more relatable.

Multiple Edits

Break your health and safety training into dedicated videos to make your content more digestible and relevant. We recommend creating a master design template to speed up the production process, as every design element can be produced in advance to keep your content branding consistent and professional. This will speed up production and allow you to repurpose your footage easier with each edit/video.

Tell a Story with your Health and Safety Induction Video

Your health and safety video content is often your viewers first interaction with your brand, take advantage of this by telling a brief story about your history or achievements. This provides context to the viewer and keeps them engaged for the remainder of the video.

health and safety induction video

As discussed, there are many advantages to creating engaging SHEQ induction training which leads to better trained visitors, contractors and employees on your site. More effective training in turn, leads to reduced operating risk and increased productivity. It is also important to highlight the opportunity a health and safety induction video provides from a marketing perspective, as every viewer is a potential stakeholder.

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