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3D animation

3D Animation for Specialised Health and Safety Training

Specialized health and safety training comes with inherent risks and logistical complications. This presents a unique production challenge which can easily be overcome with 3D animation. The challenges associated with specialised health and safety training typically include:

  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Spaces
  • Hazardous Machinery
  • High Temperatures/Pressure
  • Hazardous Environments (blasting zones, mines, refineries etc.)

3D Animation is the perfect medium to demonstrate high-risk scenarios as you can safely reproduce any scene without disrupting operations. This also eliminates the need film and provides your team with reusable digital assets for future productions.

3D animation

3D Animation Simulates Consequences

With 3D animation, a dangerous scenario can be recreated with no risk to your team. This can be taken further by demonstrating the consequences of not adhering to the rules which provides the viewers with greater context and understanding of their role.

Recreate High-Risk Scenarios

There are many potential risks to filming a site, these include:

  • Disruption to operations
  • High-risk or hazardous environments
  • logistically difficult spaces to film
  • Social Distancing
  • Specialized expertise

With 3D animation all your filming risks are eliminated as each scene can be recreated without the need to disrupt operations and risk our teams’ well-being. For many organizations, filming is simply not an option anymore as operations have strict guidelines and specialized training that has too much inherent risk associated with it.

Accurate Equipment

Regardless of the tool, vehicle or machine with 3D animation any operational piece of equipment can be accurately recreated and scaled for any scene. Another great advantage of animation is that once a digital asset is created it can easily be repurposed or modified to aid the viewers understanding. Production may also be sped up by converting existing CAD models of machinery into 3D models, saving valuable resources.

Dynamic 3D Animation Scenes

As with any digitally produced asset, your team has full control over the display. Every piece of machinery or tool can be taken apart or modified to aid the viewers understanding. From complex buildings being broken down level-by-level to a stripped piece of essential machinery, there are no limits to the detail 3D animation is able to explore.

3D animation

Complimentary Animation

Animation also has the benefit of complimenting the viewers understanding of the training through motion graphics. For example: Demonstrate airflow or high temperatures by using animated arrows with a colour scheme to demonstrate changes that might not be visible to the human eye.

Health and safety induction training can easily be taken into a whole new dimension of detail with 3D animation, allowing for optimized training video content that removes the risks and costs involved in filming. All of which can be repurposed at a later stage for future content updates and video production.

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