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Difficult Subject Matter using Animation

Most corporate organisations operating in a digital space where communication is essential for success. Corporate communication covers a multitude of subject matter, spanning from formal to creative. 

When it comes to corporate communication, the animation is the most versatile and creative medium. It can easily be modified or updated, which is especially suited for environments where communication is dynamic by nature. With every message, there is an ideal medium. This is often clear, however, when it comes to the complex or sensitive subject matter, it may be less obvious. 

Complex Concepts

Complex subject matter like system training or product development can easily be broken down and simplified to aid the viewer through an appropriate animation medium, for example, A whiteboard animation style is able to develop a concept step by step with a hand drawing out each process. 

Sensitive Subjects

One of the most prominent places for the sensitive subject matter is in corporate soft skill training, or health and safety training. Subjects like drugs and alcohol, workplace harassment or even COVID screening are best suited for a 2D or 3D character animation medium. A scenario can easily be recreated without having to put people in precarious positions to produce protocol publications. 

Animation is a Practical Solution

One of the many great benefits of animation is that you can easily update a video without having to form a large production crew. It’s versatile which means you can communicate just about any subject matter without issue. Including data-heavy concepts like numbers and figures which require animated infographics to give the data perspective without additional explanation.

Animation is ideally suited for corporate communication, training videos, eLearning, sales collateral, and marketing material. Allows for easy modification and can communicate even the most awkward of subjects with grace.

Tips for producing Animation dealing with difficult subject matter

Planning your Animation

When planning an animation that deals with difficult subject matter, it’s important to consider how best to convey the message without alienating any audience members. It can be helpful to step back and look at the animation from different perspectives in order to determine which elements are necessary for conveying the story. The tone of the animation should be respectful and appropriate for the topic, while visuals and sound should be carefully chosen in order to create an accurate representation of the issue at hand. Additionally, research should be conducted into potential sensitivities so as not to offend any viewers. Planning an accurate and thoughtful animation dealing with such matters requires a great deal of careful consideration and balance.

Tailoring your message to the audience

Assuming your visual elements have been carefully considered, the social relevancy of the message should also be carefully crafted. For example: If your video discusses a local matter without the proper jargon or niche vocabulary, then the message will feel out of place. For a story to be perceived as genuine it requires a use of language and examples that relatable. This same point can also be applied if you wish to communicate a sensitive topic with a comedic message.

Find the right Animation medium

When dealing with difficult subject matter through animation, it is important to choose the medium that best conveys the message. Traditional 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, claymation and more can all be used effectively to present a story. Depending on the topic at hand, one particular medium may be more effective than another in executing subtle ideas or communicating a complex argument. Animation should also never be overused – using too many visual effects or audio cues may detract from the overall message. Careful consideration of which animation medium will best represent the story being told is essential when creating an animation about a difficult subject.

Keep your message focused

Finally, use visual effects and audio cues sparingly – too much can detract from the overall message. Following these tips can help ensure that an animation portrays difficult subject matter in an effective manner. The same applies to your music choice, as it determines the tempo of the video. The last thing you want is inappropriate music and visuals on a sensitive topic. We also recommend reviewing the video over multiple drafts to ensure your video is well received prior to posting.

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