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Explain It With Whiteboard Animation

We’ve all, undoubtedly, found ourselves in a situation where a new concept was being explained but we didn’t quite understand it in the end, in fact, we were probably left more confused than ever. Whiteboard Animation can prove to be an effective solution, let’s see how:

Whiteboard Animations, also known as Explainer Videos are used to demonstrate complex ideas in a quick and easy-to-understand way. A voice-over explains while a hand draws what is being explained as the video progresses.

Whiteboard animation videos allow you to create professional-looking videos that have several distinct advantages:

  • No need to appear in front of the camera or hire actors.
  • Whiteboard animation is entertaining and eye-catching.
  • More distinctive and professional looking than slideshow type videos.
  • They provide a good way to explain concepts in a simple, engaging way.

Whiteboard animation videos can also be used on your blog or website to explain something about your product, service or business. This is a more entertaining way to convey information than to make people read long blocks of text or even watch a more ordinary type of video that contains nothing but slides or a person talking. It’s very versatile in terms of her it can be used: it can be used in education: this can be a fun and extremely effective way for students to learn and even retain new information. In a business setting, it can be used as a marketing tool, training material for employees as well as on-boarding.

So when you’re looking for a way to explain novel concepts without leaving your audience confused, Whiteboard Animation is the way to go. Take a look at this awesome animation we recently built for Samancor Chrome to explain their provident fund. 

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