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AnimationEnhance your eLearning with 2D Animation
2D Animation

Enhance your eLearning with 2D Animation

2D animation is one of the most accessible content mediums and is particularly well suited to eLearning. With eLearning production, there is a challenge to find new content assets and examples. This is further exacerbated by the constant need to keep the content up-to-date, which depending on the topic, could be as regular as on a monthly basis. Elearning also comes with a slew of technical requirements and know how to truly optimize your 2D animation, which you should be leveraging to make the most of your available content.

Engaging Content

2D animation is engaging and captivating, which can directly benefit the students retention of the lesson. Attention is key to learning, leveraging this concept with 2D animation by complimenting your lesson is the perfect way to keep it. Sometimes there is not need to produce an entire animation, in some cases having a couple of animated characters or complimentary motion graphics is perfect. Keep in mind, you want content that can help achieve your training goals in relation to your budget.

2D Animation

Relevant 2D Animation Examples

With 2D character animation, you can easily reproduce a human interaction without the awkward acting. This means regardless of the situation, your content always stays relevant to the topic and relatable. This even applies to administrative topics, as this subject matter tends to be rather formal and boring to present. Using animation in between to highlight learning objective will aid the viewers understanding while maintaining their attention, regardless of the topic. Just because something is a formality, does not mean it needs to be boring, in fact it should be anything but.

Finesse Complex or Sensitive Topics

Some topics are very difficult to communicate, usually because the content is either very complex or sensitive. A complex topic can easily be simplified through 2D animation, as each layer or concept can be broken down to aid the viewer. With sensitive topics a light-hearted or neutral approach is usually best suited. This is easily obtainable with animation in a manner that is respectful and understanding. Characters can also be customized to be gender or race neutral.

Reusable 2D Animation Assets

One of the best features of animation is the flexibility and versatility of the assets produced. With a little bit of planning you can easily create assets that can be repurposed with minimum effort for multiple applications. This requires sufficient planning and directly benefits the project if produced in advance.

2D Animation

2D Animation is the most accessible animation style for corporate clients. With advances in technology coupled with social distancing it is quickly becoming the preferred medium over traditional video as production is considerably shorter and requires no filming. Its application in eLearning is also unrivaled, as it is one the best mediums for maintaining the viewers attention.

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