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AnimationWhy you should use an Animation Company
animation company

Why you should use an Animation Company

The value of a business largely depends on its ability to communicate its value to its target market in the best possible way. Animation is a highly effective way to do this as it instantly attracts our attention and is able to retain it for a much longer period of time. An animation company is able to convey a message in a way that is more likely for the viewer to understand and respond to. Not only will people be more inclined to remember your business but they will also be more likely to create a positive brand association as the message was received in an enjoyable way.

animation company

What is Animation

Animation is the process of manipulating a sequence of images to create the illusion of movement. This helps capture and engage your audience by bringing your message to life. To maximise these benefits it is essential to choose the best type of animation for your business. This is dependent on the subject matter of the animation as well as the context and purpose of your message. An experienced animation company can assist you with these decisions.

Types of Animation

Animation is a fast-growing industry that can open up endless possibilities for a business and become a significant part of your marketing strategy. An animation company will offer different types of animation so you can choose the best one for your unique message. Here are some of the most commonly used animation categories.

2D Animation

2D animation adds movement to images within a two-dimensional space. It is a great way to naturally direct and guide the audience’s gaze and communicate the key points of your video. This form of animation draws more attention to a specific object, character, or background by bringing it to life. This is especially beneficial when needing to foreground a specific character and allows for lucid story development. 2D animation is also extremely beneficial when it comes to video production as it saves both time and money in comparison to other animation forms. A studio will be able to create quick, dynamic videos with fewer resources at hand.


2D Animation has been a great development in eLearning. The pandemic prioritised the significance of digital learning and helped businesses overcome many logistical problems. However, it also opens us up to the many other advantages of eLearning and the endless possibilities it presents. 2D animation means that there is no need to rely on filming face-to-face interactions or disrupt the workplace. E-learning can be used to cover countless topics and therefore requires a highly versatile medium. This makes 2D animation the ideal solution for any subject at hand. The production process of 2D animation videos allows for eLearning content to be regularly and easily updated. This saves businesses the hassle of having to restart the process every time a content update is needed.

Sensitive subject matter

Not all topics are easy or appropriate to film traditionally. An example of this can be found when a video has to address sensitive topics like drugs, alcohol or violence. Although the topic may be unavoidable, having to use realistic depictions is not. It is not appropriate to show illegal substances or substance abuse on camera, especially when the intention behind the video is to condemn them. This makes 2D animation a great solution for censoring these topics whilst still getting the message across. 2D animation is also an effective way of cutting costs in situations that may be way out of your budget such as a re-enactment of a car crash or explosion.

animation company

3D Animation

3D animation manipulates images to move within a virtual space. It is more digitally intensive and provides an array of additional benefits as an art form. It is used to create a more realistic representation of the topic at hand. It is best applied to situations where an image requires a strong correlation within a specific environment or the environment is ever-changing. Some videos require more context than others in order for them to be fully understood. This is where 3D animation comes in handy as it can constantly manipulate the angles in a video, giving the viewer a clearer picture of how the character or object is placed in relation to its surroundings. This opens up a myriad of possibilities for character and story development. 3D animation provides a wide range of motion as the image is much easier to adjust. It is important to consider how even a slight change of angle can have a large impact on how we perceive and feel about what we are seeing.


3D Animation is a highly effective medium used to present architectural designs. What may be difficult to visualise is brought to life as a building design can be made into a realistic and scalable model. This allows architects to identify possible design faults before the building process begins. It is also helpful when testing for potential safety issues and planning emergency evacuations in a real-time scenario.

Health and Safety

The very nature of health and safety videos makes filming a difficult or dangerous option. The environment itself is likely to present safety hazards that may result in injury. Health and safety videos cover sensitive topics including injuries or even death. This makes 3D animation a much better option as it is able to censor these depictions. The surroundings of a workplace play an important role in these videos so the versatile and immersive nature of 3D animation makes it opportune for these purposes. It is also important to consider its value in terms of productivity as there is no need to interrupt the production flow of the workplace itself.

Medical research

3D Animation is a useful tool in the medical field as it offers specialists a detailed representation of the human body. This is often preferable as opposed to using real specimens or two-dimensional diagrams. The nature of this field is likely to require a more complex depiction than a 2D diagram is able to offer. When done correctly, these 3D models can be reused, easily replicated, and easily adapted accordingly. This makes efficiency and affordability a big bonus, especially when producing multiple content items.

animation company

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are videos that explain a product or service your business provides. These are the best options for when additional information is necessary for a topic to be fully understood. Whiteboard animations are able to use both narration and illustration as tools to guide viewers. In a whiteboard animation, a voiceover is played as a hand simultaneously illustrates what is being said for visual aid. This constant movement is an effective application as it is able to retain the audience’s attention for a longer period of time.

Complex Subject matter

Whiteboard animation is a highly effective way to make complex subject matter eye-catching and pithy. It can break down long processes into digestible parts that the viewer is much more likely to remember. It can also break down a procedure into steps and help guide the viewer in a way that is easy to follow and makes better sense as a whole.

Workplace Systems

Every business is dependent on working systems that need to be adhered to. These can often be highly technical and difficult to explain to new employees or clients. Despite this, they are crucial for all parties to understand. In situations like these, it can save a business a lot of time and resources to use a Whiteboard Animation video. They can be reused and easily updated, making them the perfect solution for any business.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a type of design where movement is applied to core graphic elements. They are visual aids that are useful tools when trying to break down a topic in a more digestible way. Motion graphics are most commonly applied to abstract objects and text or other key graphic elements. Even the most basic movements can greatly enhance a message and make it much more viewer-friendly. Motion graphics are often used to represent the clients’ branding through logo animations or transitions. This can help the viewer easily identify a brand and bring its unique persona to life. Once these are produced and approved by a client they can be saved as a kind of template to be used again in future projects. This not only saves time and additional costs but also allows for the images to create a lasting impact on the viewer.

Logo Animations

Motion graphics are often used to represent the clients’ branding through logo animations or transitions. This can help the viewer easily identify a brand and bring its unique persona to life. Once these are produced and approved by a client they can be saved as a template and used again in future projects. This not only saves time and additional costs but also allows for the images to create a lasting impact on the viewer.

Animated Infographics

Animated infographics add movement to key visual elements, making the information far more accessible. This movement could be as simple as a sudden flash or a smooth transition. Animated infographics are also used to create a visual hierarchy. They highlight specific elements to create a focal point for the viewer to help them remember the key points of the message. Animated infographics can be used as a step-by-step guide or further expand on a topic.

Administrative Content

Animated infographics can make even the most mundane topics more appealing. They are a great option for administrative content as they can be used on elements such as numbers or graphs. Data is an unavoidable topic when it comes to business that can never be overlooked. This makes it all the more important for it to stand out and animated infographics are the perfect medium.

Sales Presentation

Sales presentations are also opportune for this art form as you can get innovative with the graphics. Animated infographics add an element of creativity to your work to captivate your clients and make your work stand out. This makes them a persuasive tool that really drives your point home.

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