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AnimationWhen to choose Animation over Traditional Video Production

When to choose Animation over Traditional Video Production

As content performance goes, video is the ultimate medium. It outperforms all other content types on all metrics, and provided it is done correctly, even has the chance to go viral. Video has also become a lot more accessible and dynamic with the introduction of new technologies for animation production. This is especially true in cases where social distancing and travel restrictions may limit access to sites for filming.


Animation has no Filming Restrictions

As mentioned before, social distancing plays a big part in the restriction of filming but some organisations have more complicated site logistics that directly impact productivity. Some sites, for example are too complex to film as they require considerable expertise and training. Other sites are particularly hazardous or located in uncompromising locations.

Animation Handles Complicated Subject Matter

Some topics can be difficult to recreate for filming due to logistical complications, such as replicating an accident for health and safety training. Sometimes this can be solved by using specialised equipment, for example: A drone for establishing shots, or a boom pole to reach difficult angles.

Some social interactions can also be difficult or awkward to recreate, like conflict management in soft skills training. These types of scenes usually require some acting experience, which is usually not available for most clients’ budgets. An easier solution would be to create the characters and animate them in various complicated scenarios. This also has the added benefit of complete control over their appearance which means you can create the characters to look like anything, including race and gender neutral designs. Some companies even go so far as to incorporate their branding directly into their characters’ design.

Dynamic Content

Some content is incredibly dynamic in nature, such as training videos which require regular updates to keep up with our fast-paced work environments. With traditional video content updates need to planned and filmed before the content can be updated, creating a logistical barrier to content delivery. With animation there is no delay, as all content production occurs remotely. Additionally with animation every created asset can easily be repurposed for additional application, saving valuable resources.



Video production and animation have many inherent advantages that are best suited for different applications. In some cases, the application is determined by simple site logistics while others may have more strategic bearing. Of course, animation and video can also be combined to further enhance your message and keep your viewers engaged.

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