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Animation2D Animation for eLearning

2D Animation for eLearning

eLearning Development has benefited greatly from enhancements in 2D animation. Of all the content types available, 2D animation is one of the most effective for eLearning as it is incredibly practical and versatile. Training and skills development is an ever-growing field with a constant need for updates, which lends itself well to the shorter production times of animation development. With 2D animation there is no need to disrupt operations for filming and your team can easily maintain their social distancing as all animation production can be performed remotely.


Reusable 2D Animation Content

Every 2D asset you develop can easily be repurposed for other application. Plan your content around a couple of assets and repurpose them accordingly. We also recommend you develop your assets in advance to speed up your production time, this will also allow the client time to peruse the ‘look and feel’ of the content in advance. This will make storyboarding considerably easier and is highly recommend for more comprehensive instructional design models.

2D Animation Easy to Update

2D Animation is a lot easier to update than traditional video. This is especially true if you followed our advice in the previous paragraph about creating your animation assets in advance. This also saves considerable resources especially when talent and additional film equipment is involved. Instead of filming a whole scene from scratch, simply modify your animation and update your audio. In high-speed deadline-driven environments you might want to consider using text-to-speech to keep your content production as streamlined as possible.

Engaging Content

2D Animation is vibrant and engaging, which directly impacts the viewers retention of the lesson. Animation can also be combined with other content mediums to further enhance your students understanding of the material. A complicated piece of machinery can be simplified by adding animation to highlight its core functions, the same can be said for administrative content such as numbers and statistics.

2D animation

2D animation is ideal for eLearning development, as it allows for easy updates with minimal logistical obstacles. Additionally it can be used to further enhance existing content or traditional video. One of our favourite applications for 2D animation is in soft skills development, which involves mostly human interactions. This is perfect for 2D characters as more sensitive topics can be communicated in a fun and engaging manner.

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