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Creating a website is a complex task that requires careful planning, SEO expertise, marketing knowledge and organisation. Your website is like your storefront in a giant digital mall that is the internet. More often than not it is the first interaction with your brand and associated products and services. That is why you need a well-built website that tailors to your potential clients and customers. Here are some common mistakes that website developers avoid when planning a website development:

website developers
  1. Not having a clear goal in mind – It’s important to plan out exactly what your desired outcomes from the website will be, such as increasing traffic, improving customer relations, or generating more conversions. Without knowing these outcomes you won’t be able to measure success. This decision also influences the style of website, theme, SEO strategy and associated website content.
  2. Underestimating budget and time requirements – Be sure to consult with your website developers when estimating costs for the development of the website so you can plan for adequate funding and timeline for completion. As a company we have been developing websites for nearly thirty years, during this time we have seen major changes in the space. When websites first started becoming mainstream all of them were custom developed. Overtime we got commercial CMS’s like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix, allowing users without any prior website development experience to build their own websites. This was a great move for the industry, the only issue is there is a lot more to website development than just making a site with templates and tutorials. During this period we got an influx of website development requests, all stemming from users that created their own websites but were failing to get anything meaningful out of them.
  3. Not researching user experience – Making sure user experience is top-notch is critical for any website to be successful, so it’s essential that research is conducted into how users are likely to interact with your site before starting website development.
  4. Not providing enough support – Even after development is complete, it may still require occasional updates or features that need adding over time, so make sure you provide a sufficient level of support throughout the lifecycle of the website. Make sure your website developers provide comprehensive after-sale support.
  5. Ignoring analytics tracking – Website analytics are invaluable tools for evaluating performance which enable businesses to track metrics like traffic, conversions, and engagement levels on their websites across multiple platforms. Make sure these metrics have been accounted for during the planning process so you can analyse performance later on.
website developers

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