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Testimonial Video Production

There are few things as convincing in marketing as a strong client testimonial. This is even more accurate in the business-to-business space, where specialised services and industries have unique product and service requirements. Of course, not all client testimonials are equal. This is, in large, due to the style of video chosen for the testimonial content. For example: An animated client testimonial is not as convincing as a traditional video, because the sincerity of the testimonial is directly related to how accurately the client is recorded and presented. 

testimonial video production

Testimonial Video Production Considerations

For the most convincing client testimonials you need to film the person having a discussion around your products and services in an organic manner and setting. To achieve this we recommend the following:

  • Create a conversation – rigid questions often result in rigid answers, to avoid this set up an actual conversation with your client. In this conversation you can steer the discussion towards the important points in the video, but in an organic manner. 
  • Film in a comfortable setting – Organic conversations happen in an environment people are comfortable in. So make sure you bring your camera to a spot that they feel comfortable talking in. 
  • Be consistent – Frame your shots consistently and use the same equipment for each testimonial. Prior testing is also essential to ensure the footage quality is consistent.
  • Keep it short – A testimonial video should be short, sweet and straight to the point. Which means despite the conversation you are having with the client, the actual footage being shown will be considerably shorter. 
  • Travel light – Due to the nature of this style of video there might be a fair bit of travel from client to client, which means your crew and equipment should be chosen practically. 
  • Use your Discretion – As with any testimonial content, always use proper discretion when posting and sharing. The last thing you want is for your client, who was happy with your services, to feel like they are being taken advantage of or represented unfairly. We advise to always get permission from the client and to get their feedback when the video is ready to be posted. On that same note, some testimonial video content is better suited as sales collateral than marketing material, as each video viewing is done on private terms. 
  • Set up a template – Due to the nature of client testimonial video content, there will be opportunities to update the videos on a regular basis. To simplify this process, we recommend setting up a template. This will make aid in future updates and will keep the production time down.
  • Keep it traditional – As we mentioned before, the credibility of your testimonial content is directly tied to how genuine the message is. As soon as an element of this interaction is perceived to be fabricated the testimonial video loses its purpose. To avoid this, keep your video style and delivery traditional. This is another reason why your videos should be short, to keep the viewer captivated on the message without boring them with long shots of the same scene.
video production

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