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The Fastest Ways To On-Board Newcomers

Starting at a new company is a long and sometimes confusing phase, we’ve all been there! Sound Idea Digital has the solution to onboarding your new employees in a matter of minutes. Through induction videos, your new employees will be settled in as soon as you know it. 

Induction videos, like training videos, are developed to train to educate staff and even visitors (like contractors) on how to go about the workplace. How they differ is that they’re specifically made for new employees.

Induction videos are an important tool when onboarding new employees. They provide a valuable introduction to the company, highlighting the key values and culture of the organization. Induction videos can also be used to explain the company policies and procedures that workers need to observe in order to adhere to best practices. In addition, they give new employees an overview of their role in the workplace and allow them to familiarize themselves with various processes and protocols. This can help create a smooth onboarding experience, as well as ensure better understanding of job responsibilities right from the start.

How we go about producing this is by creating a script from materials that are already being used for induction. This is followed by filming at the site. Existing employees get a chance to feature in the video. It’s important that they follow the correct procedures during filming to make sure the right message is conveyed. Once editing is done, the video is ready to be used. We have produced several induction videos ranging from health and safety induction videos where employees face many risks on-site to office building induction videos. 

Induction Videos for Change Management

Induction videos can be a powerful tool for successful change management. By providing comprehensive guidance on changes, the videos can help employees understand why changes are necessary and how they will benefit the organization. Additionally, they allow managers to emphasize the importance of following new protocols and procedures, while also educating them on the best ways to do this in order to ensure compliance. Induction videos also create a consistent understanding among all employees of what needs to be done and when, making it easier to manage the transition process. Overall, induction videos help ensure that employees are on board with any changes being implemented and make them feel more comfortable during times of transition.


Another great method for onboarding new employees is to create micro-learning items around the office that allow for bite-sized lessons on trivial functions and processes, like how the coffee machine works or how to set up your work email.

Micro-learning is a highly effective solution for onboarding new employees. By breaking up learning into bitesize chunks, it enables more efficient information transfer allowing learners to focus on one concept at a time. It also allows learners to learn at their own pace, making the learning process more engaging and enjoyable. With micro-learning modules, learners can quickly acquire knowledge about processes and protocols in just a few days or weeks, rather than having to go through long training sessions. This makes the onboarding process faster and easier, allowing new employees to get up to speed quickly and start contributing with minimal disruption.

Onboarding new employees plays a critical role in both employee productivity, retention and morale. New employees typically have a great deal to learn about the company, systems, culture and general administrative orientation. This process can be long and laborious if it does not get automated to some degree. Which is why combining induction videos with micro-learning is a sure-fire way of getting new and old employees alike empowered with the right tools and information to perform at their full potential.

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