Health and Safety Video – SABS

Health and Safety Video – SABS

Sound Idea Digital produced a SHEQ Video for the South African Bureau of Standards. The focus of the video is necessary security measures, on sight safety and emergency procedures. The shoot took place on campus at the SABS. Using video as a training medium is a great way to keep SABS staff updated and reminded about the possible dangers of their work circumstances, keeping them cautious, informed and on their toes at all times. It also saves their trainers valuable time, as each site visitor views the SHEQ videos prior to entering the site.

For the procurement of this project, SABS had a very strict process. This is because as the Standards Testing Bureau, there work and training must be representative of that very standard. This make us particularly proud of being awarded this project, as it affirmed our expectations of being one of the best SHEQ video producers in South Africa. We also collaborated with the Oliver Karstel Content Production agency on the filming of this video. Which allowed us to take full advantage of the filming days, as the site presented many unique filming challenges.

For the filming of the SHEQ video, there was a great deal of planning required. The video topics and potential script material had to be carefully planned and perused, to ensure the right safety standards were being met and highlighted within each shot. By the time our teams were ready for filming we had a comprehensive script with a shot list. This allowed our filming crew to optimise the shoot days by structuring it according to the shot list. The SABS site is a complex space to film. It has numerous sub-sections across a massive site. Each sub-section has its own unique potential risks and hazards, which covers a large spectrum of potential challenges, and risks and hazards that must be addressed accordingly. Furthermore, due to the complicated nature of the site, each sub-section was facilitated by a different SABS member with specialised qualifications. Each member had to be booked for a specific time, which had to planned properly to ensure the shoot would go according to plan.


The video includes high-quality footage of the SABS campus and the persons commencing their work there. Voice-over narration guides the viewer through the video, explaining every demonstration screened. Upbeat music, vibrant graphics and animation make the video interesting and entertaining without discarding its serious nature.

Looking to create your own SHEQ videos? Get in touch with our team and together we will turn your specialised training into high-end video production, whether that be traditional video or animation.

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