Learning Management System – Denel

Learning Management System – Denel

Denel South Africa contacted us at Sound Idea Digital to develop a simple, basic Learner Management System (LMS) for them that would get straight to the point of learning and information sharing. Denel SOC is the largest manufacturer of defence equipment in South Africa and operates in the military aerospace and landward defence environment.



Not every company needs an LMS to be highly interactive with complex modules that interweave with multiple different applications and systems. Although, it must also be said that not every company can do with a simple LMS to convey the complexities of their employee training needs, either.

Learning management systems make it easier for educators, organisations and students alike to access, collaborate on, track, store, and share educational materials in an organised and centralised fashion. These systems can help optimise teaching processes and reduce administrative tasks. They can allow teachers and trainers to create engaging, interactive online lessons with videos, audio lectures, quizzes, surveys, and more. By providing real-time feedback on class participation and student progress, learning management systems enable instructors to identify areas of improvement and target their instruction accordingly. More importantly, they enable students to receive personalised support which improves their overall experience with each topic.

Integrating learning management systems with existing systems can provide organisations with a number of major benefits. It allows for improved collaboration between departments, more efficient training and onboarding processes, and the ability to track user engagement and performance. Additionally, access to up-to-date data from multiple systems can lead to increased efficiency in operations as well as better decision making. This allows the LMS to play a vital and centralised role in the organisations productivity and overall performance. Ultimately, integrating learning management systems with existing systems offers businesses an array of benefits that support them in driving success across all functions of the business.

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