Custom Development – Legalwise

Custom Development – Legalwise

Sound Idea Digital developed an Ideas Management System (IMS) for Legalwise. The main benefit of using an IMS is so that employees can share their ideas all in one place with their colleagues and management. Ideas Management comprises the gathering of ideas related to product development, procedure enhancements, cost reduction, customer insights and marketing initiatives.

Taking these sources of ideas and compiling them in an online automated system that allows for easy access and perusal. This idea management takes from the concepts of a knowledge management system, but directs it specifically to new ideas and idea development. When coupled with a strong change management plan and robust team governance, the company is able to develop new ideas on a semi-autonomous basis. This kind of productivity coupled with innovation is exactly what so many companies strive for. The entire system was custom developed and integrated with their existing SharePoint intranet.

To successfully custom develop a system, requires a great deal of expertise, collaboration and consultation. Often the technical side of the system needs to be communicated to the whole team so that they are relatable. This is why consultation is absolutely vital in any custom development project. Being able to take the concept of a system and to break it down for every member of the team to understand, is the only way management will be convinced of the development. Custom development could be a complete budget trap, if not properly consulted from the start. For example: Deciding to custom develop a system on a platform that does not integrate with Microsoft products, would have resulted in a very costly additional development to produce an API that would allow the two platforms to communicate. This extra development could potentially double or even triple the development time, so make sure you get the whole team on the same page with proper consultation.



This assists with the growth of a business or company as the best practice initiatives are often born from the insightful input of employees. As employees work in different departments, managerial levels and locations, the knowledge and experience gained by such employees will offer an array of valuable information if correctly shared.

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Legal Wise

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