Learning Management System – AA

Learning Management System – AA

Sound Idea Digital was commissioned by the AA to help them develop a new Learner Management System for their Technical College.

The AA wanted a free-flowing, free form development that also had the logic and structure that is typical to a successful LMS.  The booking system in particular was a very special build created by the Sound Idea Digital team.  This booking system is quite different from any other system created before.

Learners can book face-to-face courses online, by selecting the week they are available.  This flexibility and personalisation in learning is key to continued education today. Managers and Administrators can book individual learners into specific classes on chosen days and weeks.

Custom learning management systems offer many advantages to education professionals. They enable teachers to easily create, deliver and manage digital content, while providing students with an efficient way to access and interact with course materials. Additionally, custom learning management systems provide automated grading, analytics, and reporting tools that can significantly improve instructor efficiency and effectiveness. Many of these systems also include integrated collaboration tools that make it easier for teachers and students to collaborate on projects. This is highly important for larger businesses where they have multiple essential systems that need to be integrated with the learning management system. Finally, a custom learning management system is often highly scalable, so it can be used across multiple classrooms and educational settings.
Custom branding for a Learning Management System (LMS) is an invaluable tool for any organisation. It allows businesses to create an engaging and personalised experience for their users. It can also help to convey the organisation’s mission and values and build a recognisable reputation. Through custom branding, organisations are able to ensure that their content is seen as more professional, reliable, and trustworthy by both current and potential customers. Branding also helps give the LMS a unique identity that sets it apart from other learning systems. With custom branding, your LMS will stand out in the marketplace and give your users a professional, consistent experience every time they use it. This is especially important if you plan to offer external training to clients or outside contractors.

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