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Planning your Marketing Video

A well made marketing video is an essential tool that can help generate leads, act as sales material, content for your website, and even content for your next sales campaign. To ensure you get the most application out of your marketing video we suggest planning it out meticulously.

marketing video

Plan your Marketing Video Message

When planning your marketing video, always start with your script. What are you trying to invoke out of the viewer? Who is your intended audience? How can I get more out of this video? 

Plan your ‘Bells and Whistles’

To ensure the video is impactful we need to determine the production value. Every element adds to the quality of the video, but also increases the costs of production. For example: Professional voice artist, original music, talent (actors), sets, props, make up, special effects and other post production features. A higher production value results in a higher quality video, however if you plan it properly you can still make a kick-ass marketing video with a smaller budget. Remember, a strong concept can trump fancy props and people but it needs to be planned correctly.

Don’t take it for Granted

When planning your marketing message consider it from the viewer’s perspective. Which involves simplifying the product/service, eliminating the jargon, and breaking down every step. We often refer to it as the Shakespearean Method, because Shakespeare would break down the theme and message multiple times to ensure every individual caught on. 

Plan the people

When it comes to dealing with hired talent such as actors and voice artists, every moment matters as talent is costly. Make sure your talent is arranged in advance and properly prompted for the gig. Providing the talent with a video summary or shot list is a great way to help prepare your talent for the shoot day. 

Keep your Marketing Video Short 

A marketing video has to employ effective communication within a concise and impactful package. Keep it short, and straight to the point. We as an audience have very short attention spans. On top of that your video is competing with every other video in their feed, so make it easy for them by keeping it short and enticing.

marketing video

Stay Evergreen

When planning your marketing video, try to keep the content evergreen, this allows you more freedom to repurpose the content for other applications such as your website or sales material. Evergreen content refers to content that stays relevant despite the time period.

Production Value Matters

When it comes to creating marketing videos, production value can make all the difference. In fact, it’s often the difference between a video that goes viral and one that fades into obscurity. What exactly is production value though? Simply put, it’s all the technical and creative elements that go into making a video look and sound professional. This includes things like camera angles, lighting, sound quality, special effects, talent and editing.

Why is production value so important?

For one thing, it communicates to your audience that you’re serious about your brand or product. A well-produced video signals that you’ve invested in quality and that you believe in what you’re selling. More than that though, production value can also make your video more engaging and memorable. A professionally shot and edited video can capture your audience’s attention and hold it, even in a world where attention spans are shrinking by the day.

Ultimately, the goal of a marketing video is to persuade your audience to take a specific action, whether that’s buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing your video on social media. By investing in production value, you increase the likelihood that your video will be seen, shared, and remembered, and that your message will be delivered loud and clear.

The downsides to Production Value

While high production value can certainly enhance the quality of a marketing video, there are some potential downsides to consider as well. First, producing a video with a lot of bells and whistles can be time-consuming and costly. This can be a significant investment for a small business or startup that may not have the resources to produce a high-quality video.

Second, a video with too much production value can come across as overly slick and produced. This can be off-putting to some viewers who prefer a more genuine and authentic approach.

Third, a video with a lot of special effects and production value can be distracting from the message you are trying to convey. Viewers may be more focused on the visuals than the actual content of the video.

Finally, a video with too much production value may not be appropriate for certain audiences or platforms. For example, a high-end luxury brand may benefit from a polished and sophisticated video, but a more casual brand may be better served with a more organic and simple approach. Overall, it’s important to strike a balance between production value and authenticity to create a video that resonates with your target audience while also effectively communicating your message.

A marketing video is one of the most effective tools for promoting your business, and can act as the foundation for an entire marketing campaign if planned properly.

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