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eLearningApplying Adult Learning Principles to your LMS

Applying Adult Learning Principles to your LMS

Adult Learning is a semi-autonomous set of learning principles based on two pillars, namely accessibility and motivation. Every adult learner has their own challenges, goals and schedule. Adult learning aids this by focusing on making online training as accessible as possible within your LMS while maintaining the learners motivation. The most effective application of these include:

LMS Accessibility

  • Blended learning is essential, particularly in specialised training which requires a higher topical proficiency from the learner which only be achieved through practical application.
  • LMS Discussion Forums allow students to post and answer questions any time of the day
  • Live Chat with trainers is another great way of increasing learning accessibility by allowing students to interact with trainers outside of their training sessions.
  • Supplementary content like a ‘frequently asked questions’ section or additional eLearning modules is another way of increasing learning accessbility
  • Downloadable content is another great way of increasing content accessibility, we recommend using a complimentary approach by creating infographics or summary breakdowns of topics to aid the learners understanding.


  • Gamification is a great tool for increasing student motivation, make sure you plan your achievements and progression carefully. For example: Motivating students to do multiple courses in a day is great, whereas motivating them to do all the courses might be less ideal.
  • Leaderboards coupled with gamification is another fantastic method for motivating students with competitive personalities. You can also create collective leaderboards tracking the progress of different business units, divisions or groups for students that are motivated by collective progress.
  • Always have a tool for displaying student progress and achievements such as interactive dashboards or student display cards. What’s the point of earning achievements if no one can see them?
  • Increase your frequency of feedback, students stay motivated when they are provided with constructive feedback. Keep in mind some feedback may be automated including in the way your courses and modules are designed.
  • Group your modules and courses into set qualifications, this will give each individual training item a greater purpose as it forms a part of set which results in student growth and achievement. People often find motivation in purpose, in this case the purpose being a qualification that will progress their skills and understanding.

Adult Learning is essential to learner management systems, because it provides a foundation of improved learning accessibility coupled with motivational principles. Principles that considers every type personality to ensure the LMS grows organically. This in turn will help improve your overall learning strategy as the learning content and the method of distribution is all optimised for adult learning.

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