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Needs Analysis for Learning Management Systems

Getting started in eLearning can be a daunting task, between the Learning Management System, content and system adoption there is a whole industry of knowledge which can directly benefit your overall learning goals and strategy. Typically when venturing into online learning the first place to start is the Learning Management System. It plays an essential administrative role that facilitates all learning functions and teams. The big question remains though, which functions are best suited to your needs, and how do we go about finding them?

What is a Needs Analysis?

A needs analysis is a feasibility study that is performed internally to determine the flow of information within the organisation. In the case of a Learning Management System it is adapted to focus on the learning processes and procedures, and the flow of information within them. The study is broken into two distinct phases, with the first phase involving the acquisition of information and the second breaking it down into potential functionality.

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How to Leverage a Needs Analysis for an LMS?

We start this process by developing our questions. Keep in mind the questions should be neutral in nature, which means avoiding questions which assume the employee/student is an expert on Learning Management Systems. Simple questions like “Where do you go to access training material?” or “Where do you go to access your marks?” are ideal as they provide us with a clear direction for the flow of communication within the system.

Once you have developed your questions it is time to distribute them. It is important to note that you do not need to get answers from every individual within your organisation but you should have a representative from each level of management and every level of potential student. For example: For a college, ensure you include every level of management from each business unit, a trainer and a student or two at most. Much like in statistics, we do not need every number but rather a subset that is representative of each grouping.

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Asking the Right Questions

The questions can be sent in the form of a questionnaire, online survey, focus groups or even individual meetings. Each method of delivery has inherent strengths and weaknesses, it best to identify your requirements and to match the method. Once you have received your inputs, it is time to model the flow of information to identify potential opportunities for system functionality. It is important with this process to be realistic, which is why we prioritise the functionality from most essential to ‘nice to have’.

Now that your needs analysis has been performed and you have prioritised a list of potential system functionality, it is time to find the system that matches your exact needs. Needs that were considered on every level of your organisational structure, providing your team with an accurate measure for essential LMS functionality.

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