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Video ProductionIs your Video Content ready for Publishing?
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Is your Video Content ready for Publishing?

Planning and producing video content are but a few steps to a successful content campaign. Where your content is published, how it is published and why it is published all plays an essential role in your content strategy. Which should be considered through every step of production including the publishing step.

Is your Content Searchable?

Every piece of content you post on the internet needs identification. A good title is a start, but it won’t earn you anymore viewers if it doesn’t play well with the publishing platforms and their algorithms. Do you keyword research in advance prior to building your content, this way you can create content around topics people search for regularly. It will also help determine the direction of your content going forward. Before publishing make sure your hashtags and key phrases are compatible with your platforms.

video content

Is your Video Content Technically Sound?

This may seem like an obvious one, but make sure your content is technically sound prior to posting. This may include your video frame rates, titles, file size, video length and even video format. This is especially important when posting across multiple platforms as each one has its own limitations. You also want you video content to load quickly and be accessible on all devices.

Is your Video Content Captivating?

The digital marketing game is a constant struggle to find an audience, every piece of content you post is competing for attention and often not even with your competitors. There may be many potential viewers of your content, but their attention could easily go towards other content opportunity costs. Sometimes it helps to add an outside perspective, especially if you have reviewed your own content throughout production. Get some fresh eyes to peruse your video content and use that feedback to improve your video engagement potential.

Are your Call-to-Actions clear?

All the content you post online should be part of an overarching content strategy with clear objectives. A major part of those objectives should be some form of action from the viewer, whether you want them to visit your website or provide their details through a landing page. Every video you post online should have a clear call-to-action which aligns with your content strategy and goals.

video content

Does your Content have a Linking Strategy?

A strong SEO practice is building a linking strategy, which predetermines the linking of content to the rest of your network. Your linking strategy should be carefully considered and monitored. Dead links will punish your content, also make sure your links work both ways. Sometimes this may involve working with a network partner, in which case we recommend planning your linking reviews according to a schedule.

With this article you should have a better understanding of how to optimize your content prior to publishing. Make sure you break your content down into the appropriate phases and produce it according to your content strategy to ensure no opportunity for optimization is missed.

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