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learner management system

Advanced Learner Management System Features

Learner management systems play a vital role in the delivery of online training. In the last couple of years there has been a cultural shift in business towards remote work. With this surge of change came an increased demand for remote-based systems. Including learner management systems, where students can access training, any time and anywhere. As we become more used to working with these systems, the question shift from system access to system functionality. How can we get our systems, that we use on a daily basis, to further improve our productivity? It starts with advanced system features, like:

learner management system

Learner Management System PDP

A Personal Development Plan or PDP is a system that allows users to track their personal progress through a designated career plan. It starts with the user identifying their career path. For example: John, a junior in the marketing department, is working towards becoming a creative director within the company. Once John has determined his career path, he plots it out on his personal development plan as the end goal. Now that John has a clear goal in mind, a development plan path must be determined to direct John towards achieving his career goals. Lucky for him, this pathway was predetermined during the configuration of the system. This configuration included senior management coming together to determine the skills and experience required in order to progress in every potential career path within the company. Now that John has determined his personal development goals, the system plots him a pathway of learning outcomes and milestones to test his progress. This is coupled by a progress tracker within the system, allowing for John’s managers to monitor his progress through the learner management system. The system also plots out opportunities for John and his management team to review his skills through the blended learning functionality. Combining face-to-face training and assessments with online is the best way to optimise skills development. It also means John’s team can provide supplementary training based on his personal development journey. All of which is being tracked for future PDP development and insights.

learner management system

The beautiful thing about an integrated PDP system within a learner management system is that both functions thrive on proper feedback, which is optimised through a blended learning approach. Furthermore, the PDP drives the users motivation as it allows them to track their personal progress and further their career. Having a clear path for development also keeps users on track, as adult learning can vary greatly from person to person.

AICC Integration

AICC or Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee, is a format of elearning that involves the streaming of training content from a third party server. The acronym stems from the aviation industry, which was where this style of training was first innovated. AICC differs to typical eLearning formats in that it involves accessing the training from a separate server set up. This means, if your AICC integration is properly set up, your organisatrion can access training without the need produce any. There are a couple of downsides to this style of content. Firstly there is no personalisation, which means the training lacks company culture and potential synergy with the company’s training goals. Another issue is there is no agency over the content provided, so if a training module needs updating you are at the whims of the training provider. One of the major upsides to this style of training is that you can provide a full course catalogue to your organisation without producing a single eLearning item. It also means, depending on the course provider, that you have access to thousands of comprehensive training courses. Another benefit is that the training providers will have pre-empted all the certification which saves your organisation a ton of time, as this process involves multiple parties over a long period of time and resources. One of the best applications for AICC in a corporate company, is for the application of soft skills development. Soft skills is one of the largest pools of potential training content, is universal, and directly contributes to company productivity.

learner management system

In order to integrate an existing AICC training service provider into your learner management system requires a couple of technical prerequisites in order to achieve. An API is necessary to allow the two systems to communicate with each other. Now, depending on the platform, there may already be API’s available, in which case the integration is considerably easier to do. In the case where there are none, you need a team that is capable of custom development and a means of communicating with the technical team of the other platform. Based on their discussions, your team should be able to custom develop an API that allows for easy platform integration. When integrating a system for AICC, make sure the system can also track student progress and automate certification, otherwise the additional steps may deter many users from taking advantage of it.

Looking for a custom developed learner management system that will aid your PDP and comes integrated with your choice of training provider? Get in touch with our team today!

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