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10 Benefits of Using Video for eLearning Development

Professional video content plays an essential role in eLearning Development as video is flexible and engaging. Students retain more of the lesson when video material is included as it simplifies concepts in a concise manner. In this article we highlight 10 benefits of using video in eLearning content development:

1. Engaging

Professional Video grabs the viewers attention, and engaged viewers are more likely to interact with the material and trainers. 

2. Concise

Video takes the viewer on a linear visual and auditory journey and is able to cover more content over a shorter period of time. 

3. Comprehensive

Video is comprehensive as every element can be optimised to provide the viewer with additional insights and perspectives.

4. Enhanced Learning

Video content enhances the viewers learning as it provides the lesson on visual and auditory levels. 

5. Complex Content

Video is perfectly suited to simplify complex concepts and ideas as each stage can be broken down to assist the students in understanding every element.

6. Accessible

Video content is comprehensive and concise which makes it highly accessible for students who have little time to spare.

7. Shareable

Video content is easy to share, which creates many opportunities to grow your learning platforms and promote your content.

8. Complimentary

Video can play a big complimentary role in the training as short video clips can enhance lessons.

9. Simulations

Video Simulations are a powerful tool that can train students competently on practical skills that traditional learning cannot. 

10. Repurposable Content

A single video can easily be repurposed into multiple smaller videos, training videos can also be repurposed for promotional use.


Video comes in many formats, from virtual reality simulations to 2D character animations. Video enhances the students learning experience and empowers the trainers with complementary content. A well-planned video shoot can result in comprehensive video content for entire curriculums or campaigns.

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