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Video ProductionWhat makes Video Production Professional?
video production professional

What makes Video Production Professional?

What makes video production professional? The answer is time, lots and lots of time. A professional video production consists of many specialised team members usually directed by an even more experienced leader. A selection of specialised equipment best suited for the task at hand, coupled with a vigorous ongoing discussion with a client that is represented by a larger team of specialised members. All of which is consulted and collaborated with to align the available project resources to produce the desired video production output. It seems like a lot, and that is because it really is just a broad description of a collection of expertise and experience that is amassed over a long period of time. A long period of time to produce a couple seconds to a few minutes of a single video.

video production professional

Professional Video Production Equipment

For every potential scenario you encounter in a video there is a list of equipment that can enhance it. From equipment that pushes the production value of the video, to equipment that saves the client on their budget. Each has its own applications and benefits that are best suited depending on the scene. You could spend a lifetime learning about video equipment and still have no idea how to properly apply them or when to use them. That is because equipment does not make the professional,

rather a combination of the right equipment and expertise, which only comes with time.


A video production company has been through the trenches when it comes to every step of video production. From challenging subject matter, to working under sub-optimal circumstances. Every video project you work through teaches you new skills and expertise for future projects. Not only do they carry a plethora of skills that would take years to amass, but they have also learned from countless mistakes, of which the costs might have been severe. Experience is a difficult thing to quantify, but it’s application is simply undeniable.


Professional video production is the marriage of two teams of subject matter experts to collaborate on a desired video output. Collaboration is a lot more than just organising people however. You need to understand the importance of the project frequency and timing of communication, as each video production phase requires timely feedback prior to the execution of the next production step. Each subject matter expert must have a clear role to maintain the integrity of the feedback. There are also a ton of nuances to collaborating with experts, for example: Understanding how to take criticism and how to criticise through the use of collaborative language is very important.

Production Value

A professional video production has as much production value squeezed into as little budget as possible. This is because a professional video production company understands how to plan a video optimally, which allows the team to maximise the available resources, which directly results in more time for every shot, and production step. In other words, the better the planning the more time available to frame and compose each shot, and the more time there is for post-production. Every bit of saved time and optimisation extends your budget, which results in a better quality production.

video production professional

Professional Video Production Optimisation

A professional video production does not simply stop with a finished video. Every piece of video content that is consumed is done so through the internet. That means video production only truly ends when the produced video has a clear plan for promotion. There are many important considerations for the promotion of the video, they include:


Every potential publishing platform has its own advantages, disadvantages and accompanying functionality, of which you need to understand to identify the best places for your content to exist. The same applies to search, which is typically handled by hashtags. Matching your content with the right platform is essential in the success of your videos, so make sure you optimise accordingly.


Search engine optimisation refers the technical optimisation of content so that it may be found through search engines. There are platform-specific optimisations, however for general SEO we recommend matching your content and overall goals for the best results. Once again, there is tons of nuance to SEO, which may vary greatly depending on the platforms and strategies you’re looking to implement.

Publishing Schedule

Your publishing schedule determines the frequency and demand for fresh content. Consider your publishing schedule from the outset and match your content and platforms for promotion accordingly. If you plan on creating multiple smaller content items to be shared on a regular basis, then Twitter might be better suited. Whereas if you focus on longer-form content with a great deal of interactivity, then perhaps Facebook is better suited. Keep in mind some platforms have their own publishing guidelines and parameters, which might be at odds with your initial strategies.

video production professional

Professional Video Production Networks

A professional video production company has worked with many sources of talent, which means they will have access to networks of potential video talent. From actors, to extras and every voice narrator and translator in between. Of course, having access to these networks is just the beginning. It takes years of collaboration to build up the supplier relationships that these networks benefit from on a regular basis.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a critical element in professional video production. It involves planning, developing, and managing the content to align with the overarching goals of the project. This strategy encompasses identifying the target audience, defining the message, and deciding the tone and style of the video. It’s not just about what is shown and said, but also about what is implied and left unsaid. A great content strategy will take into consideration the cultural, social, and economic contexts of the target audience to ensure the video resonates with them.


The art of storytelling is what sets professional video production apart. A compelling story can captivate audiences, evoke emotions, and convey messages effectively. Professionals use various narrative techniques and creative storytelling methods to create engaging and memorable content. This includes building a narrative arc, developing relatable characters, and crafting a storyline that aligns with the brand’s identity and values. Effective storytelling is about creating a connection with the audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Post-Production Excellence 

Post-production is where the magic happens in professional video production. It involves editing, colour grading, adding visual effects, sound mixing, and more. This stage is crucial for polishing the raw footage and enhancing the overall quality of the video. Professionals utilise advanced software and techniques to ensure that every frame is perfect. The attention to detail in post-production can significantly elevate the video’s impact, making it more appealing and effective.

Professional video production also involves navigating legal and ethical considerations. This includes securing rights for music, images, and other content, ensuring compliance with broadcasting standards, and respecting privacy and intellectual property laws. Ethical considerations involve portraying subjects responsibly, avoiding misleading or harmful content, and respecting cultural sensitivities. Professionals are adept at balancing creative expression with legal and ethical boundaries to produce content that is not only high quality but also responsible.

Client Relationship Management

Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is key in professional video production. This involves understanding the client’s vision, communicating effectively throughout the production process, and delivering a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Good client relationship management also means being transparent about budgets, timelines, and potential challenges. By fostering a collaborative and trusting relationship with clients, video production professionals can ensure a smooth process and successful outcomes.

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