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Tips for an Effective Visitors Safety Video

An effective Visitors Induction Safety Video is able to deliver a comprehensive lesson in a concise period while maintaining the viewers attention. Context is essential, that is why traditional video is the preferred method for this style of content. It must be said that there are types of training that benefit from animation, provided the content is relatable.

To aid your next visitors safety video, we have prepared you a list of tips:

safety video

Highlight your Brand

A visitors induction safety video is the perfect opportunity to represent your brand as it is often the viewers first interaction with it. Consider adding a short story about your company’s history or achievements to provide context to the viewer.

Keep your Safety Video Short

To maintain the viewers attention keep your video as short as possible without compromising the message. Music also plays a big role in the tempo of the video, so choose wisely.

Prepare your Team

Health and safety induction training often requires comprehensive processes and procedures. Make sure you prepare your team properly to get the most out of filming. When it comes to filming complex or dangerous sites, there are countless potential obstacles to interfere. By planning properly, you reduce your capacity for error.


Ensure your team has clean and up-to-date PPE. The same applies when filming from scene to scene. Filming a complex site may cause disruptions to operations which is very costly, so make sure there is no need to re-book another shoot because of a PPE slip.

Enhance your Safety Video with Complementary Content

To aid the viewers understanding of the content, consider adding complementary animation to highlight and clarify each process. This will also aid the viewers retention of the video lesson, as it keeps them engaged for longer. If you have any safety video training that requires consistent updating, we recommend turning it into animation as it can easily be updated without the need to book and film.

safety video

SHEQ training is often the first interaction with your company and brand, why not make the most of it out by optimizing your training content. Take the opportunity to tell your story, provide the context that makes you proud to be a part of your company. You never know when your next big deal or investor is sitting in on your visitors induction video.

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