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Training Video – Two Mountains

Starting at a new job can be a daunting experience especially when you’re yet to understand the structure and culture of the company. An Employee Induction Video can help new employees familiarise themselves and feel like they’re part of the team within a matter of minutes!


Two Mountains is a leading burial and funeral services provider in Southern Africa. They constantly strive to go the extra mile for their clients; offering a wide range of services and products to cater to every unique need. Sound Idea Digital produced an employee induction training video for them.


This training video differed from the usual induction videos that we produce; instead of focusing on health and safety, it covered the organisation, its structure as well as how things are done. We covered the different departments within the company, ensuring that new employees will know exactly what each one is responsible for as they get settled in.


Induction training videos are a powerful tool for onboarding new employees. By using visual, audio, and interactive elements, these videos can effectively convey important information about company policies and procedures in an efficient and engaging way. Additionally, these videos provide an opportunity for organisations to set the tone for the workplace culture and values. Induction training videos can also help to reduce paperwork and streamline the process of getting new hires up-to-speed on their role. By consolidating a wealth of knowledge into one easy to access video, induction training videos can save time and money while promoting employee retention. Induction training videos are also a great option for content repurposing. A video of this nature could easily turn into multiple videos for their social media, website and ad campaigns.

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