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Motion Graphics – Medihelp

Medihelp is one of the largest medical schemes in South Africa providing cover for approximately 200 000 people. They recently approached Sound Idea Digital to produce a Motion Graphics Video showcasing their wide range of products on offer.


With only a week to complete the video, this was a high-pressure yet enjoyable project. Because of the limited time, we had to work with; planning was crucial to ensure a smooth production. We had frequent Teams meetings with the client at different stages of building the video to make certain that the final product aligned with their expectations.



Motion graphics are a versatile and engaging way to bring visual content to life. They can provide a unique and appealing way to tell stories, explain complex concepts, or highlight data in an accessible format. Motion graphics can also be used to create memorable brand identities and build an emotional connection with viewers. Another great benefit of motion graphics is that you can present administrative information, like statistics and data in an engaging manner. For some topics, this is by far the best way of communicating them, especially if the content is inherently boring. By leveraging attractive visuals and animations, motion graphics have the potential to make messages more persuasive and impactful than ever before. Moreover, the use of motion graphics can help to make websites more visually stimulating and capture the attention of visitors.

People will more likely watch a video than read a product or service description – for this reason, Motion Graphics can be a neat, eye-catching way to go about it. Motion Graphics is a great way to convey information in a quick and easy-to-digest way.

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