Learning Management Systems – Rand Mutual Assurance

Learning Management Systems – Rand Mutual Assurance

Sound Idea Digital produced three eLearning courses and a custom learning management system for Rand Mutual Assurance, the administrator of choice for occupational injuries and diseases as well as for non-work related health and insurance benefits for the mining and other related industry sectors.

The purpose of this system is to provide RMA staff and members with an online learning solution. A course may be compiled and uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS) where each learner can do the course in his / her own time. This allows for flexibility and sensitivity to workflow.

We produced a series of eLearning courses for Rand Mutual Assurance.

These courses included:

  • Advanced Excel 2013
  • Business Etiquette

The Advanced Excel course covers advanced Excel formulas, analysing and presenting data in Excel, auditing worksheets and automating Excel worksheet functionality.

The Business Etiquette course covers proper etiquette practices for the four main communication methods employed in business: phone, email, text messaging, and written communication.

These courses are uploaded and delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Sound Idea.

Rand Mutual Assurance is a South African non-profit mutual assurance company. RMA ensures that beneficiaries and their families receive care and compensation in the event of a work-related injury or occupational disease.

A custom-developed learning management system (LMS) is a powerful tool for organisations that want to deliver training in an efficient and robust way. It provides an intuitive environment that makes it easy to deploy and maintain, while providing comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. From enhanced user engagement to improved results, a custom LMS can provide a range of benefits that help organisations reach their goals. It also offers scalability, meaning the platform can grow with the organisation over time. With the ability to tailor it to specific organisational needs, it is capable of delivering personalised content quickly and accurately.

Companies are increasingly recognising the potential of custom produced eLearning as an effective way to promote learning and development initiatives. Custom eLearning provides companies with a unique platform to deliver training and education, with content tailored specifically to their company goals and objectives. It also helps to create an engaging experience for employees that encourages participation and collaboration. In addition, custom produced eLearning allows for greater control over the learning process, providing the ability for companies to customise the content, design and delivery of the learning materials. Finally, custom produced eLearning has been shown to be more efficient than traditional methods of instruction, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings for businesses. The only exceptional to this rule is when soft skills training is involved, as this type of training is fairly universal.

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