2D Animation – Metrofin

2D Animation – Metrofin

Sound Idea Digital produced a custom animation for Metrofin. Metrofin is a credit provider that offers a variety of financial services and policies. In the video, we used 2D Character Animation to give an interesting and informative visual representation of the add-on services offered in Metrofin Assist.

2D animation is an effective way to bring stories, characters and ideas to life. It requires less resources than 3D animation, making it cost-effective for businesses and individuals who are on a budget. With 2D animation, it’s easy to create interactive experiences such as games, simulations and virtual tours that engage users and help them understand complex concepts. It can also be used to create high-quality visuals that tell powerful stories without words. The versatility of 2D animation makes it a popular choice for the corporate market especially in the age of eLearning.

Repurposing 2D animation can be a great way to extend the reach of your content. By making small changes to an existing video, you can produce multiple versions that can be used across different platforms and channels. For example, you could create an animated Instagram story from a YouTube video, or edit an existing commercial to fit the requirements of a television advertisement. Repurposing 2D animation also allows you to take advantage of other forms of media such as podcasts and blogs. By creating new content from existing material, you will save time and money while ensuring that your message reaches a wider audience.

2D Character Animation allows us to create a story-based scenario to help the viewer have a clearer understanding of the services marketed. It’s ideal for communicating sensitive subject matter and recreating scenarios that would be demanding to produce if filmed. Get in touch with our team for your next 2D animation!

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