2D Animation – Afrinomix Consulting

2D Animation – Afrinomix Consulting

Afrinomix Consulting offers specialised corporate consultancy related to turnaround and start-up projects, strategy and corporate governance. Sound Idea Digital produced an animated video using 2D Character Animation. We created an animated character of the founder of Afrinomix, Marius van Wyk. His animated likeness became the main character in the video where he gives an overview of the company, what it has to offer and a previous account of a client they successfully serviced.

2D Character Animation is not only a great option for demonstrating information in an attention-grabbing way but is also ideal for recreating past events with the added advantage of having a quirky twist. Our team offers a bespoke service that includes custom illustration, animation, editing, voice studios, talent acquisition, script writing and even marketing for when your 2D animation videos are ready to be published.

2D animation is a great tool for creating digital stories, engaging visuals, and stunning animations. Using 2D animation can help bring concepts to life and engage audiences more effectively than static images or videos. It also allows for more creative freedom when creating content, as it does not require the same level of detail as 3D animation. Additionally, 2D animation is typically less expensive and faster to produce than its 3D counterpart, making it an ideal choice for projects on a tight budget or timeline.

Repurposing 2D Animation

Repurposing existing 2D animation is a great way to use existing assets while still creating something new. By taking existing artwork and making creative modifications, animators can create more complex scenes and effects with less work. Additionally, repurposing 2D animation can save time, money, and resources as animations don’t have to be recreated from scratch. It also allows for faster iteration and experimentation by allowing animators to quickly build on existing ideas without needing to start over each time.

Breaking down complex topics

2D animation is a great choice for conveying complex topics or concepts in an engaging and understandable way. Animations can be used to break down information into visually stimulating pieces, making it easier for viewers to understand difficult topics. Using motion graphics and other visual effects can help bring deeper meaning to the topic by adding a level of immersion not achievable with static images or videos. Additionally, 2D animation can be used to give viewers a more comprehensive view of a topic, weaving together multiple threads of information into a cohesive narrative.

We love how practical 2D animation has become, allowing us to produce detailed animations with a much shorter turnaround. Additionally the ability to re-purpose existing content for new applications further streamlines production allowing our clients to push their marketing budgets more than ever before. It was a pleasure working on this project, our team learned a great deal about governance and change management, especially within new project frameworks and methodologies.

Looking to take your content production to the world of 2D animation? Get in touch with our team and together we will turn your content into captivating custom built animation.

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