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When infographics are animated and presented in the form of a video, they become motion graphics animations. A Motion graphic style animation is an informational video made by combining different kinds of animations and graphics. The information is revealed over the duration of the animation often accompanied by a soundtrack with a voice-over. It explains data in an engaging way and improves the viewers’ perspective on the chosen subject.

Raising awareness with motion graphics

Using motion graphic style animation to raise awareness can be a great way to change people’s perspectives. For example, if you’re raising awareness on water wastage, the infographic video can include figures, tips on saving water and animations. They have the power to change people’s mentalities and stances on different topics.

Business motion graphics

Motion graphic animations can be used in business in different ways. You can educate your customers about your brand. By researching on an important topic that affects customers and demonstrating how your company can resolve them is a great way to use motion graphics as a marketing tool.

Education with Motion Graphics

Motion graphic style animations are a kind of summary, they can therefore be used in education to help learners have a better understanding of the learning material. These can even be used in eLearning programmes to teach new material and sum up content already learned.

Motion Graphics budget

A factor that can influence how much your motion graphic's cost is the voice over you will be using. Professional voice over artists can cost money but bring with them many advantages. Less time is spent during recording as they are less prone to making mistakes and mispronouncing words.

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