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health and safety video

How to Make Your Health and Safety Video Marketing Friendly

Every person that enters your premises has to view your health and safety induction training, for many of them it is their impression of your company’s brand. With this in mind, every piece of health and safety training content should be treated like an opportunity to market your brand. If done correctly, your overall video quality will increase which in term will result in increased productivity as viewers retain more of the training.

health and safety video

Plan your Health and Safety Video

Planning is essential when maximising your content production. This is especially true for content with multiple strategies involved like your induction training. Considering health and safety protocol, training and marketing requires a meticulously planned approach. This includes the preparation of your team for filming. Make sure all members are prepared in advance, along with your site and locations for filming.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is absolutely essential in every shot of your induction training. We recommend perusing each shot prior to filming, to ensure proper PPE is being adhered to. Also on the days of filming make sure your teams PPE is clean and tidy.

Brand your Health and Safety Video

Your branding should be prevalent throughout your content, which can also act as a key design feature which ties your content together. Prepare your design assets like intros, outros and transitions in advance to ensure you can easily repurpose or reuse your video content for later application.

Context to your Content

To further enhance your training content, we recommend adding some company context to your video. Tell the viewers a story about your history, achievements or goals. Keep this section short and straight to the point so that your video content stays as concise and comprehensive as possible. This is also a great opportunity to highlight the human side of your organisation which will further aid your brand’s focus.

Repurpose your Content

Once you’ve completed your health and safety induction training it is time to repurpose it into shorter clips for publishing on social media or other platforms. A big part of repurposing your content successfully is to plan it in advance to ensure you can prepare any additional shots or production assets. Every video produced has the opportunity to be reused multiple times and for multiple purposes.

health and safety video

Once you’ve seen a couple of health and safety induction video, they start to feel like the same thing. Every site visit has the same type of video, which starts to feel like a chore to watch. This also has a negative effect on the efficacy of the video as the viewers start to zone out instead of paying attention to your safety protocols. By planning your video content and optimising it with marketing in mind, not only are you highlighting your company but you are also increasing the production value of your content, which will keep your viewers engaged for longer.

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