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Learning Management SystemsLMS Features for Colleges – Part 2

LMS Features for Colleges – Part 2

In part 1 of this series of articles we covered the some of the most essential LMS features for colleges. These included self-registration, payment gateway integration, anti-cheat protocols and a portfolio of evidence module. In this article we will exploring even more crucial learner management system functionality, starting with:

Blended Learning

Blended learning bridges the gap between synchronous and asynchronous learning which is essential for any specialised training, as Bloom’s Taxonomy dictates, practical application demonstrates a higher degree of mastery of a subject. The LMS should be able to facilitate all classroom based training through the online learning platform in a manner that allows both student and administrator access to essential lesson functionality like venue booking and class registration.

Webinar Functionality

For any distance-based training involving subject matter experts a webinar tool is vital. Some topics require more in-depth discussion which would prove to be too logistically complicated to set up for distance-based learners. LMS Webinar tools should also empower the trainer with complimentary functionality like lesson recordings, additional media and student communication tools. The larger the lesson the more control is required by the trainer to keep the lessons on track.


Discussion Forums

Distance learning has become an essential part of our training, the one downside to that is the lack of shared space for students to have organic discussions about their training. This is especially true for colleges where specialised training is often at the forefront of their services. Creating a space where students can have organic conversations about training is a fantastic tool for both empowering students and maximising the colleges’ available resources. Trainers might not be available when students have pertinent questions, but other students might. Consider adding gamification elements to your LMS discussion forums to keep students motivated to participate.

LMS Reporting

Colleges have some essential reporting requirements, which includes student reports, subject reports and even trainer performance reviews. Reporting plays a pivotal role in the growth of the organisation as every insight is an opportunity for improvement. The reporting system should be dynamic to ensure you can find the exact details required. Also consider automating part of your reporting system to aid with student feedback, this will also allow trainers to provide timely input which is vital in our fast-paced technology driven world.


LMS Certification

Colleges provide specialised training which involves certification. The learning management system should be able to customise and automate certification for students. We recommend adding additional administrative incentives like locking certificate downloads behind payment etc.

As far as LMS systems go, colleges present a unique set of requirements which, when implemented properly will result in a system that empowers both the trainers and the learners in a manner that allows the entire system to grow and operate organically. This is, of course, is dependent on proper system governance and a well thought out online learning strategy.

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