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Induction Video Production 

Successful onboarding is a critical component of the hiring process. It has a significant influence on new hires’ initial impressions of the organisation, as well as their long-term productivity and job satisfaction. One innovative approach to this process that has gained considerable traction in recent years is the use of induction videos. Induction Video Production offers a dynamic, engaging, and scalable way to welcome new employees, communicate company culture, and provide vital initial training.

What is an Induction Video?

An induction video, also known as an onboarding or welcome video, is a brief, usually engaging video introduction to the company, which new hires watch as part of their onboarding process. They can cover various topics, such as the company’s history, mission, culture, policies, safety protocols, and more. These videos serve as a highly effective tool for conveying important information in a visually appealing and memorable way, which has been shown to improve information retention.

Induction Video Production for Health and Safety

Induction videos play a vital role in health and safety, particularly within the workplace. These videos serve as an effective medium to educate employees about various potential hazards, emergency procedures, and safe practices. They provide comprehensive knowledge on health and safety protocols to help prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment. Induction videos can be easily accessed, standardised, and repeated, allowing crucial information to be consistently disseminated across different teams, shifts, or locations. Moreover, they accommodate various learning styles and languages, ensuring that every employee understands the material.

Benefits of Induction Videos

For the new employees, induction videos offer an engaging, dynamic introduction to the company that is far more captivating than traditional written documents or lectures. The combination of visuals, audio, and storytelling not only holds their attention but also aids in better information absorption and retention..


Once created, an induction video can be used indefinitely and with an unlimited number of employees, making it a cost-effective tool for large companies or those with high turnover rates.


These videos can be watched anytime, anywhere, and on any device, providing flexibility for new hires and reducing the pressure to absorb all the information at once.


Induction videos can showcase the company’s brand, culture, and values in a powerful and appealing way, helping new hires to feel connected and committed from day one.

Induction videos represent a modern, efficient approach to onboarding that can help to cultivate a strong and positive company culture from the outset. By integrating induction video production into their onboarding strategies, companies can enhance new hires’ understanding and overall experience, setting the stage for a successful and productive working relationship.

The Process of Induction Video Production

Producing an induction video is a collaborative and creative process that requires a careful blend of strategic planning, creative vision, and technical expertise. By understanding this process, organisations can better plan for and manage the production of their induction videos, ensuring they effectively welcome and onboard their new hires.

Concept Development

The first step in producing an induction video is to develop a concept or outline for what the video will cover. This should align with the organisation’s objectives for the induction process and can include elements such as an introduction to the company, an overview of its history and culture, details about the specific role or department, and explanations of key policies or procedures.

Script Writing

Once the concept is outlined, a script is created. The script serves as the blueprint for the video and includes everything that will be said, as well as notes about visuals and other elements that will accompany the dialogue. Good scriptwriting is essential to ensure that the video is engaging and effectively communicates the intended messages.


The script is then used to create a storyboard, a sequence of drawings that represent the shots planned for the video. This visual guide outlines the sequence of the narrative, the visuals to be used, camera angles, and any animations or special effects. This can help everyone involved in the production to understand the vision and flow of the video.


Pre-production involves all the preparatory work before actual filming begins. This includes logistics like scheduling shoot dates, securing locations, arranging for actors or presenters if needed, and preparing any props or sets. At this stage, the production team will also finalise the technical aspects, like lighting, sound, and camera setup.


The production phase is when the actual filming takes place. Using the storyboard and script as guides, the scenes are shot in accordance with the director’s vision. This phase requires careful coordination among the crew members to capture the best footage.


After the filming is complete, the post-production phase begins. This involves editing the captured footage, adding special effects, adjusting the sound quality, and incorporating music or voice-overs. The footage is carefully assembled according to the storyboard and script to create a cohesive narrative. This phase may also involve colour grading to enhance the visuals and create the right mood for the video.

Review and revision

Once the first cut of the video is ready, it’s reviewed by the relevant stakeholders. Feedback is given, and any necessary revisions are made. This could involve re-editing parts of the video, adding or removing sections, or adjusting the sound or visuals. The video goes through several iterations until everyone is satisfied with the final product.


After the final version of the video is approved, it’s time to distribute it. Depending on the organisation’s needs, the video might be uploaded to the company’s intranet, shared on a learning management system, or played during in-person induction sessions.

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