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AnimationHow to Find Animators in South Africa
animators in south africa

How to Find Animators in South Africa

South Africa is a hotbed for high-end suppliers for any foreign country. The country bolsters competitive business markets in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. South Africa has eleven official languages but English is the predominant language for business, which means business can be conducted with little risk of miscommunication. As a multicultural country we also have extensive experience working with foreign languages, with French, Portuguese and German being commonly translated languages. We also have strong infrastructure which means working with animators in South Africa is easy as an email and a Zoom call away. With such a competitive market, finding animators in South Africa will require some research and know-how. To aid you in this process, we have curated our top tips for finding the right animation studio in South Africa.

animators in south africa

Where to Find Animators in South Africa

The answer is simple, a quick Google search will bring up the most relevant suppliers within the country. To further optimise the process, we recommend also searching for animation studios in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town, if you are looking for a highly experienced agency. These markets are the most competitive, which results in better experience, expertise and marketing knowledge. The top results in Google are not only indicative of a strong search engine strategy, but that these animators know how to market themselves, which is highly important considering that the performance of an animation is not only determined by the production value and execution, but also by the marketing strategy associated with it.

Qualifying Animators in South Africa

Once you have found a couple of potential animators in South Africa, it is time to qualify your shortlist. We recommend the following tips:

Look for a Diverse Portfolio

There are many different styles of animation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, an experienced agency will have a diverse portfolio of varying styles and deliveries of animation.

Look for Translations

This is especially applicable when producing animation in multiple languages. A strong animator in South Africa will have good examples of video translations, subtitles and content delivery in multiple languages.

animators in south africa

Industry Specific Examples

Every industry comes with its own nuances and expertise, find an animator with a diverse portfolio spanning across multiple industries, each industry represents a new facet of experience that can be leveraged in the production of your animated content.

Working with animators in South Africa may seem potentially challenging from the outset, but by doing your due diligence and qualifying the right agency for your business, you can truly optimise your marketing budget. Favourable exchange rates allow you to work with animation studio in South Africa at a much cheaper rate, which means you can make the most out of your budget with high-end animation production.

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