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AnimationAnimation Studio in South Africa
animation studio in South Africa

Animation Studio in South Africa

When it comes to content production, there are massive advantages to be gained by looking for foreign suppliers with weaker currencies. In some cases you may even be able to double or quadruple the amount of content produced for the same budget, of course provided you find the right supplier. This is where South Africa shines. We have a weak currency in relation to the reference currencies of the world, we have tons of experience working with multiple different languages, yet English is still our predominant business language. In terms of content production, we have highly competitive markets, including a thriving film industry. We have strong infrastructure and provide the most accessible gateway into the African continent. In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by South Africa, we need to consider every potential aspect and how best to leverage them to find an Animation studio in South Africa:

animation studio in South Africa

What is an Animation Studio in South Africa?

An animation studio is a business dedicated to creating high-quality animations for a variety of media. Animation studios employ teams of experienced animators, creative directors, storyboarders, modelers, riggers, and editors. Animation studios also work with sound designers and voice actors to create the complete audio package for their projects. In addition, many animation studios offer post-production services such as color correction, eLearning integration and compositing. One of the many advantages of animation production is the fact that every piece of content can be created completely remotely, which means the success of your content production is directly related to the communication between the two parties.

Animation Studio services

Animation studios offer a wide range of services for creating high-quality animations. These can include storyboarding, character design, illustrations, background art, 3D modeling and animation, video editing and compositing. Animation studios can also provide sound design, voice acting and audio engineering services. Additionally, many animation studios are experienced in providing post-production services such as color correction for the final product. Animation studios should also be experienced in the publishing and distribution of your animated videos, as this process may influence their production choices. When it comes to content production these days, there is a holistic approach whereby every facet of the content and its application is carefully planned. This allows for multiple campaigns, content repurposing and platform optimisation. Which means an animation studio should also be experienced marketers.

The Animation production process


When it comes to producing an animation video, careful planning is essential for success. First, you should have a clear idea of the message you want to convey and the desired outcome of the video. You’ll then need to create a storyboard that outlines the key elements such as character design, pacing, and narrative structure. The storyboard helps bridge the disconnect between your teams understanding of the video and the clients. Once these elements are in place, you can start thinking about what type of animation style best suits your needs and budget. Finally, it’s important to plan out a timeline so that the project stays on track and any changes or revisions can be made in a timely manner. When planning this, the animation studio should provide the structure for the project plan, as a client you want to organise your team accordingly. With proper planning and execution, an animation video can be an incredibly effective way to communicate your message.

Animation Production

Producing an animation video requires a great deal of skill and creativity. To begin, it’s important to come up with a unique concept and choose the right animation style that fits the desired message. Once the storyboard is complete, the production team has to bring the vision to life by creating characters and scenes that evoke emotion, set the right tone, and communicate your main message. With all of these components in place, an animation video can be used as an effective way to engage audiences and stand out from other forms of visual media. Keep in mind that once your characters and digital assets have been produced they can easily be repurposed for additional videos in the future.


Post production for an animation video is where all the pieces are brought together. After animators have designed characters and captured desired movements, it’s important to review the videos for mistakes or inconsistencies in color or movement. Animators also need to consider adding special effects or sound design that can further engage viewers. Lastly, any needed revisions should be made as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the final product meets the standards set in pre-production.

animation studio in South Africa

Finding an Animation studio in South Africa

When looking for an animation studio, there are several factors to consider. The most important thing is to make sure the studio has the expertise and technical know-how to produce quality animated content that meets your needs. Additionally, you should look at their portfolio of past projects to get a sense of their creativity, innovation and style. When perusing a potential suppliers portfolio, look for a wide variety of video styles and execution. Animation production is a creative exercise, and with such a large arsenal of animation styles, there is a style best suited to every message. If you are unsure about how your video should look we recommend asking your shortlist of potential suppliers how they would produce your message, then compare their proposed solutions.

Budget is also an important factor, so it’s best to make sure the studio is able to work within your budget while still producing high-quality work. The South African currency (Rand) is considerably weaker than most foreign currencies, which means you push your marketing budget by finding an animation studio in South Africa. Bespoke offerings can also extend your budget as they cut out the need for outsourcing and additional talent acquisition. Finally, communication and collaboration are key in any creative process like animation production, so it’s important to choose an animation studio that can understand and accommodate your needs. A good way to test this is to ask for a previous project plan and SLA (Service Level Agreement) which will paint a strong picture of their communication and collaboration.

An important consideration for foreign companies looking for a South African supplier is the locality of the supplier. South Africa has two main competitive markets, which produce the most efficient suppliers, namely Gauteng (Pretoria and Johannesburg) and Cape Town. The animation studios in these regions will have considerably more experience, especially when it comes to meeting tight deadlines and working with bigger budgets for higher production value animations. This experience trickles down into every facet of the business from communication right down to the publishing and distribution strategy of every video. By taking all these factors into account, you can find the right animation studio in South Africa for your project.

Working with an Animation studio in South Africa

Learning to Work well with an animation studio is essential for creating a successful end product. Not only does it give you the opportunity to ensure your vision is clearly realised, but it also allows you to get the most out of your budget and timeline. When working with an animation studio in South Africa, it is important to provide clear feedback and direction, while also allowing them some freedom to come up with creative solutions. Additionally, communication should be open throughout the production process so that everyone involved understands what goals are being met and when changes are needed. With the right approach, you can find success in any project you undertake with an animation studio.

To ensure the animation team understands your vision, provide detailed and specific feedback on proposed concepts. Explain what elements you like or don’t like about the concepts and provide any examples of visuals that you think would work better. To further improve this process, allocate set roles for each project member. This ensures feedback is role specific, which keeps the sessions constructive and based on expertise. We have lost count how many times changes are proposed by members outside of their expertise, resulting in a merry-go-round of back-and-forth deliberation, wasting valuable time in the process. Every point of feedback needs a justification, we do not just change things for the sake of it, otherwise there would be no need for structure. So keep your feedback role specific to keep your video on track and well-structured.

Communicate your timeline expectations with the studio so they can better gauge how much time is needed to deliver a high-quality product. Finally, be clear about your budget constraints and goals for the project to ensure the studio understands what is required before diving into production. This also means clarifying the project goals and sticking to them. The difference between a proposed idea and an executed one is a commitment of resources, so make it clear what is being done, because the difference between the two could potentially sink the possibility of it happening in the first place.

Plan your project plan and every point of feedback in advance. This way you can easily keep track of each phase of production. It also means every project member can ensure they are available for each feedback opportunity. Animation has set phases that can only be advanced one the previous phase has been completed. So make sure all key members are involved in every meeting to ensure there are no delays between production phases.

animation studio in South Africa

Top Tips from an Animation studio in South Africa

Tight Budget?

Decide on the story you want to tell

Animations can be a powerful way to communicate your message and engage with your audience, even on a budget. When choosing the right message for an animation, consider how it fits into your overall marketing strategy and what type of story you want to tell. Be sure to ask yourself: Is this the most effective way to convey my message? Will this make sense to my target audience? Can I create a compelling animation that resonates with my viewers? By taking the time to answer these questions up front, you can ensure that your animation will have the desired effect—within budget. If you are unsure, ask your supplier to guide you through this process. There are ‘many ways to skin a cat’, and sometimes the most subtle of adjustments can extend your budget considerably.

Choose the right style of Animation

Creating animation on a budget can be tricky. It’s important to understand the different options and pick the right style for your project. 2D animation is traditionally cheaper than 3D, making it an ideal choice when trying to work within a limited budget. For example, Flash Animation is one of the most cost-effective ways of producing animations quickly that have a higher quality than traditional hand-drawn 2D animation styles. However, if you’re looking for something more complex, 3D animation can be used to create realistic visuals within tight deadlines and even at lower budget levels compared to traditional hand-drawn art. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your project requirements, available resources and budget. There are a plethora of animation styles, from whiteboard animation to animated infographics, each with their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. All of which takes years of experience to fully comprehend and apply, so consult your supplier and find the best medium for your animated video.

Keep your animation simple

Animating on a budget can be difficult, but the best way to succeed is by keeping your animation simple. Simple animations don’t require as many resources or time, so it’s easier to work with limited funds and personnel. You can use basic shapes, stock assets and characters for a more straightforward animation that will still captivate your audience. Focus on storytelling and creating moments of emotion – these are often more effective than going overboard with the visuals. Sometimes higher production value does not equate to a better video, just a fancier one. With careful planning and thought, you can create great animation without breaking the bank!

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