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Animation2D vs 3D Character Animation for SHEQ Videos
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2D vs 3D Character Animation for SHEQ Videos

Health and safety induction training is essential, particularly for certain industries where it is the law. Due to the unique circumstances brought on by COVID 19 it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel and therefore difficult to film. As a result we have been focusing more and more on using animation for SHEQ videos. So then the next question is…Which style of animation is best?

SHEQ Video

2D Animation for SHEQ Videos

2D Character animation as a medium is fairly easy to produce and repurpose which makes it a very versatile and flexible medium. One of the strongest advantages is the easy creation of characters and character interactions which makes this medium perfect for tricky human interactions, for example: Personal hygiene or conflict resolution. As a medium we recommend using 2D character animation for corporate or building induction. 

3D Animation for Safety Videos

3D Character animation as a medium has a much longer production process but as a result can be a lot more detailed than 2D. One of the great advantages is that machinery and tools can be recreated or even imported as CAD models, which allows for much greater detail and therefore more specialised training. 3D character animation is more immersive as the additional dimension allows for different camera angles and perspectives which adds to the production value. It should be mentioned that 3D animation is also very flexible as characters, settings and props can easily be repurposed. Best suited for employee induction or specialised training such as working at heights SHEQ video.

SHEQ Video

When it comes to animation as an effective medium for SHEQ videos both 2D and 3D character animation have their applications and advantages. Additionally we omit the need to physically film a location as well as creating a plethora of reusable training resources. 

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