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Our animators have years of experience in communicating complex topics. Our favourite method of communicating new systems or concepts is whiteboard animation. As a Whiteboard animation studio, we strongly believe that animation makes systems and concepts digestible and engaging allowing viewers to retain information more effectively.

What is whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation entails drawing on a whiteboard or whiteboard-like surface while recording and narrating. We create what is also known as explainer videos. The viewer can see the pictures being drawn as the video progresses. These are best suited for explaining concepts that are complex or difficult to understand.

Because this information is received in a fun way, people will be more likely to share your video on social media, increasing your audience and potential client base.

Whiteboard animation for business

Whiteboard Animation is used to explain complicated topics such as how a system works. It’s great to use for educating consumers on features or facets of a product that may be great selling points but don’t typically seem that exciting.

You can portray any product or service from your business (especially those that are too abstract or difficult to film with traditional video techniques) in a quirky informational whiteboard video. These can help you generate business, train your employees or explain services to customers.

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Whiteboard in Education

It has been proven that the use of visuals is the most effective way to help students get a deeper understanding of learning material. Work that is too difficult to understand in textbooks can be turned into Whiteboard Animations to give students more clarity on a topic. Having a Whiteboard Animation to explain complex subjects will keep students motivated and ultimately improve their grades.

Whiteboard budget

Like other video formats, Whiteboard Animation has a number of different factors when it comes to costs. Everything ranging from the total animation time to the detail of the characters used will affect the overall cost of your video. Whiteboard Animation software does however make it relatively quick to produce and could affect the overall price.

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